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Happy first day of fall! This might be one of my favorite posts to date. I wanted to do something special and different on this blog when it came to talking about fall trends.

I really racked my brain with what to do here. How was I going to show fall trends in a new and fun way?

Earlier this year I shared a new trend every Monday in April to talk about spring fashion. Then in June, I dedicated an entire week to wedding guests for ideas on what to wear to a summer wedding.

My original plan was to more or less do the same thing that I did for my wedding week, but then I was sitting in my office one day and an idea just kind of hit me, “How about I make a full on magazine with my favorite fall trends?”

Introducing CHARMED the Magazine, Volume 1. It’s stuffed with 6 of my favorite fall trends and the best part is the entire thing is completely shoppable.

Best Fall Trends This Season | Charmed by Camille

To give you a short little backstory, I used to be the yearbook editor of my college yearbook. I’ve always loved magazines. My dream job, even to this day, is to edit the layouts for a magazine. With a background in graphic design, this was such a fun project for me to create. I combined my love for design with fashion to share something to you in a totally new, totally fresh way.

Flip through the pages, click what you want to buy, and most of all – enjoy the first issue of CHARMED the Magazine! I hope you love it!

(For the best experience, I recommend viewing the magazine in full screen. You’ll be taken to a new page but then you’ll be able to read everything a little better.)


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Hi, I'm Camille! I left the corporate world of fashion and beauty to share all of my favorite things on the Internet. When I have nothing to wear my go-to outfit is jeans, a t-shirt, and a leather jacket. My hair is usually a little messy but I love it best like that. I live in Los Angeles.

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  1. 9.23.19

    Wow Camille! I am beyond impressed by this magazine! It looks so professional and all of these outfits are amazing. I love all these fall trends too! I am so proud of you!


    • 9.23.19
      Camille said:

      Ah Christine, thank you so much for the support! I was feeling uninspired by my normal blog posts so this was super fun to make and share!!!