Sezane Size Guide & Shopping Tips | Everything You Need to Know About the French Brand

Sezane is one of my favorite French brands, and luckily, you don’t have to fly to France to experience their beautiful clothing because they ship to the US and Canada. I have slowly gathered quite the collection of Sezane pieces, ranging from coats and denim to bags and shoes, and every item I receive has the same, high quality feel as the next. Given that the brand first started as a seller of vintage clothing, most Sezane pieces have a slight retro feel to them while simultaneously being modern, yet classic. Think silk tops, button details, and tailored suiting; all made to last and with that effortless Parisian flair.

There are two big things to know when shopping Sezane: Their pieces tend to sell out quickly and since they utilize French sizing, it can be hard to decide which size is your right size. Although their website is fairly helpful when trying to figure out your US size, French sizes tend to run small compared to American sizes. However, returns are free, so you can order multiple sizes if you’re not sure what will fit you best.

Here are my shopping and sizing tips for Sezane.

Sezane Size Guide & Shopping Tips
Sezane Size Guide & Shopping Tips
Pink Claude Bag
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Sezane Size Guide and Shopping Tips

Know When New Collections Drop

Over the past year, Sezane has built a cult following. And since they are a sustainable, certified B Corporation, the don’t produce large quantities at once in effort to lower their manufacturing carbon footprint. So, their items can sell out quickly. But if you know when new arrivals hit the site, you’ll have a better chance of grabbing what you want.

  • Four times a year (on a Sunday), Sezane releases a large, seasonal collection.
  • Once a month (on a Sunday), they release a small capsule collection.
  • Every Wednesday and Sunday they release restocked items and any late arrivals that may be a part of a collection. Usually there a couple new pieces on these days.

It’s important to note that all collections release Sunday around 8:30 – 9:30AM, Paris time. So, if you’re shopping in Los Angeles and you’re wanting to shop a new collection immediately, you actually need to be online Saturday night/Sunday morning at 11:30PM – 12:30AM.

Sign up for emails or follow them on Instagram to get a sneak peak at new arrivals. I like to do this because then I can go in with a game plan when I shop.

Utilize Stock Alerts

Although things sell out quickly, it’s honestly not ideal to have to stay up super late just to shop on Paris time. So, you may find that things sell out before you have the change to buy what you want. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get what you want. As mentioned above, they do restock items, which includes not only returns but new size runs of certain items. 

If you create a free account on your site, you’re able to make an on-site stock alert. You can come back to this page to easily check if something you want has become available.

Free Shipping & Returns

Before I get into my sizing guide, you should know about Sezane’s shipping and returns policies.

They offer free shipping on anything over $200 and free returns. If you’re on the fence about which size to get, you may as well order multiple sizes to ensure you find your correct fit. Tax and duties are already included in your payment, HOWEVER, be careful not to spend over $800 in a single purchase, otherwise the courier will charger you separate taxes on your order. (I learned this the hard way on my first purchase.) Sezane does have a message that will appear during checkout if you’ll get this extra charge, but it’s just something to mindful about when shopping.

Shipping is quick (about 3-5 days). Returns are easy and quick, with money back into your account a lot sooner than most US brands’ refunds. 

Camille Carter wearing black dress and sharing Sezane size guide and shopping tips
Camille Carter wearing white button down shirt  and blue sweater

Sezane Sizing

Every page on the Sezane site will have a link to their size chart along with sizing recommendations. However, I have personally found that Sezane sizing runs a little small and for the most part, I always go a size up from my regular size.

When looking at their size chart, you’ll notice letter sizes at the bottom of it (XS, S, M, and so on). You’ll see that for example, a Sezane S is equivalent to a US 4 or 6. However, I have found that these letter sizes still run smaller than the US letter equivalent.

For reference, I am 5’4” and around 130 pounds. I wear a size 4/27 in Madewell. For non-Sezane tops I typically wear size small, but I am a bit bigger in the chest and sometimes prefer mediums.

For Sezane items, I am almost always wear a size 6 and/or a medium (FR 38).

I’ve tried nearly every category Sezane makes and are my sizing recommendations for each.


I feel like Sezane sweaters runs true to size, but it’s my personal preference to go up a size on most sweaters, even with other brands. Sezane sweaters have a slimmer, French cut, so they’re not going to be as oversized as US styles. You’ll notice on the Sezane website that the French tuck them in like shirts. Unless something is intentionally designed and cut as oversized, I prefer to take the next size up, a size M.

Their best-selling sweater is the Gaspard Cardigan, a classic, goes-with anything item that looks just as cute tucked into jeans as it does unbuttoned over a dress. I wear a medium in this sweater so that my chest has some extra room and doesn’t pull on the buttons.


For tighter tops, t-shirts, and eyelet/lace tops, I go up a size. However, most of the brand’s silky blouses and flowy tops run true to size.

If you have a larger chest, I recommend sizing up as a general rule of thumb. Although just like with any brand, you may find some exceptions where you won’t need to do so. If this isn’t a concern for you, you can probably take your regular US size. Don’t forget that since shipping is free over $200. And Sezane offers free returns, this category might be where you want to order multiple sizes.

Camille Carter orange dress to share Sezane Size Guide


I know I sound like a broken record, but for dresses, I’m going to say to go up a size. I’d rather have my dresses be a little looser or flowy, as there’s nothing more uncomfortable than constantly pulling here and there are the fabric. This is especially true if you have bigger shoulders or a larger chest. I wear a size 6 or FR 38.

Coats & Jackets

For sizing on Sezane coats and jackets, consider where or how you’ll wear the item. If you plan on wearing a coat with a thick sweater or many layers, then go up a size so that your coat won’t feel too tight on your arms or in the shoulders. If you live somewhere warmer and plan to only wear a tee under your jacket or coat, then you can likely take your normal size.

The Will Jacket is a Sezane staple. I’m wearing the leather version below, but it also comes denim and twill. This is a size 6 and as you can see, works with a light layer under it.

Camille Carter sharing Sezane Size Guide & Shopping Tips
Camille Carter in white top, checkered jacket, and brown wide leggings pants
woman wearing sezane polka dot skirt

Sezane Jeans, Pants, and Skirts

I have a love hate relationship with Sezane jeans. And this seems to be the general consensus when chatting with friends and followers who have also tried their denim.

I am only 5’4” and their jeans are made for slender, tall women. I have yet to find a pair of classic denim by them that I love. Either the waist is too small, too big, or the fabric at the knees hits me in the wrong spot. Although they don’t fit my body, the denim quality is fantastic (and as someone who worked in the premium denim industry for years, I know a lot about denim). I envy whoever has the body for Sezane jeans because I really like them.

Their trousers and pants, however, deserve major praise. I’ve quickly accrued a handful of Sezane pants, and I love them. You will definitely want to go up one size on them. They’re all long, but I just get them hemmed by my local tailor. My favorite style is the Loulou Trouser, a classic pant with wide legs that drape perfectly. I wear a size 6 or FR 38.

I wear the same sizing in their skirts.

Sezane shopping guide

Sezane Belts

I’m fairly new to Sezane belts, and just purchased my first one earlier this year.

I have the Atemis Belt (pictured at the top of this post), which is a style the brand always carries. I bought it to wear around my natural waist and went with the 90 size. Again, for reference, I’m a 4/6 or 27/28.


I am a solid show size 7, and this rarely differs from brand to brand for me.

I have a few pairs of sandals, boots and clogs from Sezane. I’ve found that Sezane footwear with an open heel in the back (like sandals or clogs) fits extremely true to size. However, other footwear like loafers and boots run a little wide in the heel. If you are in between sizes, I recommend ordering your true size, and a size down from it to see where you land.

A special call out on the the Andre loafers: they run very large, so I would go down one size on this specific shoe.

Remember, shipping is free over $200 and there are no added duty fees so long as you stay under $800. If you have tried Sezane shoes, I’d love to know how you feel about the sizing so I can get more info to share in this post.

I’m a big believer in investing in well-made pieces, and you can tell that Sezane pays attention to the details in their designs and their construction. Even opening a Sezane package feels luxurious, with custom labels touting your name and well-wrapped items inside each bow.

Once you figure out your Sezane sizing, I think you’ll really love the brand and find yourself obsessing over everything they make, just like I do. This is really a brand you’ll have in your closet for years.

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