Trench Coat Outfit Ideas + How To Style One

I love hard-working fashion pieces that you can easily incorporate into your existing wardrobe. For me, one of those items is the trench coat and in this post I’m sharing a bunch of trench coat outfit ideas.

A trench coat is a timeless class that has been around for generations, and it’s easy to see why. Its versatility allows you to layer it with most items you own, and you can wear one across multiple seasons.

Trench coats are the perfect layering piece to add to your outfits during those transitional times of the year. You can wear a trench coat during fall and into winter, or as it starts to warm up into spring. It’s a truly effortless closet staple, and worth investing in for your wardrobe.

Whether you need advice on how to wear a new trench coat or just want some different ways to style one you already own, these trench coat outfit ideas are here to inspire you! Find and shop my favorite trench coats in this post.

Trench Coat Outfit Ideas

Trench Coat Outfit Ideas

How to Style a Trench Coat

Start with the Classic Trench

If you’re new to the trench coat game, I recommend first investing in the iconic long tan trench coat. The neutral color and longer length is universally flattering on all heights and body shapes.

When searching for an optimal long trench coat, try to find one that hits below your right around your calves. This length is the most versatile in terms of proportions (more on this below). There are a lot of lengths of trench coats; you may have to try several to fit your personal height.

Starting with a long, classic tan version will allow you to find your favorite trench coat outfits. Then you can take it from there and branch out to other colors, styles, and lengths!

Dress it Up or Down

One of my favorite things about a trench coast is its versatility. You can wear a trench coat with a sweatshirt and leggings just as easily as you can over a dress or skirt.

Don’t be afraid to throw on your trench coat with just about everything you own. Experiment and find what you like! Some of my favorite trench coat outfits were originally unexpected combinations for me!

Try a Black Trench Coat

While most trench coats are available in tan or khaki, don’t be afraid to go with another classic color: black. A black trench coat is a great, dressy option if you’re looking for a nighttime trench coat for dinner, the theater, or the ballet.

How to Belt a Trench Coat

If your trench coat has a belt, style it effectively. On cooler days, you’ll likely wear your trench buttoned up and belted. You can tie a simple knot or if you want to dress it up, try a bow. However, on warmer days when you leave the trench coat open open, tie the belt in a knot or bow in the back. This prevents the belt from sliding out on either side, and the belt from looking messy.

Keep it Simple

A trench coat is iconic, effortless, and easy. Don’t overthink your clothing or accessories; keep them simple, too.

Mind Proportions with Skirts and Dresses

When wearing a long trench coat with a skirt or dress, mastering the proportions between the two is what can take your outfit from just okay to great.

Without making things too complicated just remember that the hem of your trench coat should fall below or above the hem of your skirt/dress. Avoid having both pieces fall at the same length. Try to have several inches difference between the two for a deliberate effect.

Trench Coat Outfits

Trench Coat Outfit Ideas
SHOP THe Look: Striped Sweater | Tan Trench Coat (similar here and here) | Jeans | high top converse sneakers | White t-shirt

Layers With a Tee and Sneakers

One of the easiest ways to wear a trench coat is simply with a t-shirt and sneakers. I always love high-top Converse with straight, ankle length jeans for a casual, effortless feel.

To make this trench coat outfit feel more complete, add layers with accessories via a striped sweater over your shoulders and a hat.  

This is a perfect transitional look for both spring and fall.

how to style a trench coat
SHOP THe Look: Wide Leg Jeans | Tan Trench Coat (similar here and here) | White t-shirt | studded bag | white sneakers

white with tan trench coaT

Tonal outfits are always super chic; for spring or even summer, try pairing a tan trench coat with all white or ecru for a monochromatic look.

Trench Coat Outfit Ideas, Trench Coat and Striped Sweater | Charmed by Camille
SHOP THe Look: Striped Sweater | Tan Trench Coat (similar here and here) | Jeans | Brown Loafers | Pink Bag

With a Striped Sweater

Although the trench coat originated in the UK, it has become a popular outerwear staple throughout many countries, including France. To give your trench coat a French-inspired twist, pair it with a another French favorite: stripes.    

This striped sweater from French fashion brand Sezane is a classic that they sell year-round.

Trench Coat and Heels | Charmed by Camille
SHOP the look: Black Turtleneck | Tan Trench Coat (similar here and here) | Jeans | Black Kitten Heels

Trench Coat and Heels

This understated, casual yet elevated outfit features a classic color palette of tan, black, and denim. I opted for cropped, wide leg denim to show off my black kitten heels, then added a belt to this black turtleneck outfit for extra polish.

Dark Wash Wide Leg Jeans and Sneakers
SHOP THe look: Tan Trench Coat (similar here and here) | Dark Denim Wide Leg Jeans | NEUTRAL Sweater | Adidas Samba Sneakers | Pink Bag

With Dark Wash Wide Leg Jeans and Sneakers

This trench coat outfit with wide leg jeans, a sweater, and sneakers is my ideal casual fall outfit. I love dark denim in the fall; it makes even the most casual outfit look just a tad fancier than a lighter wash.

Black Trench Coat Outfit | Charmed by Camille
SHOP THe look: Black Trench Coat | Black Booties (similar here)

Black Trench Coat Over a Dress

If a tan trench coat feels too casual for your outfit or wherever you’re going, try a black trench coat. I’m. a big fan of a trench coat over a dress, and a black trench coat is a perfect, dressed up outerwear option.

leather pants spring outfit
SHOP The look: Tan Trench Coat (similar here and here) | Faux Leather Pants (similar here) | Strappy Sandals (similar here)

With Leather Pants

If you’re looking for a date night twist with a trench coat, try an all-black ensemble with faux leather pants and strappy heel sandals.

wide leg pants with trench coat

Neutral Wide Leg Pants Outfit

Another wide leg pants outfit, but this time with neutrals and a crisp white button-down shirt. These wide leg pants from Sezane are my favorite pants from the brand. I also own them in a few colors.

plaid pants spring outfit
SHOP THe look: Tan Trench Coat (similar here and here) | Plaid pants (similar here) | Black Chunky Loafers

With Plaid Pants

To inject a bit of pattern into your trench coat outfit, also try some plaid pants. This is a great business casual option when paired with black loafers or black ballet flats.

floral dress spring outfit

Over a Floral Dress

Any time spring is on the horizon, I break out the floral dresses. Pairing a trench coat with a floral dress is one of my favorite ways to style a trench coat for spring. (Note the proportions here: my dress is a few inches longer than the hem of the coat.)

denim on denim spring outfit
SHOP the look: Tan Trench Coat (similar here and here) | Wide Leg Jeans | Denim Shirt | Tan Boots (similar here)

Denim on Denim

I will always say yes to a denim shirt. Denim on denim is a tried-and-true classic pairing. So why not add another timeless piece into the mix by throwing a tan trench coat over it? Also, try a fun pop of color with your handbag for spring.

Denim on Denim Outfit | Charmed by Camille
SHOP the look: Tan Trench Coat (similar here and here) | Denim Shirt | Straight Leg Jeans | Black Belt | Black Ballet flats

With Straight Leg Jeans and Ballet Flats

Here’s another trench coat outfit with denim on denim. But this time, I added black accents with a black belt, black ballet flats, and bag.

casual spring outfit

Casual Trench Coat Outfit with Leggings

If you’re looking for a casual trench coat outfit for the weekend or for running errands, try black leggings, a graphic t-shirt, and sneakers. This is one of my favorite trench coat outfit ideas. The combo is very model effortless and the trench coat elevates the active wear. Anine Bing is a personal favorite for modern, cool-girl graphic tees.

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