AYR Jeans Review: The Pop

I worked in the premium denim industry for several years at a few different brands, so I’d like to think I know a thing or two about good jeans. At one point, I probably owned over 60 pairs of jeans, but over time I’ve become more selective in my denim investments now that I don’t get the pleasure of enjoying employee discounts. 

When it comes to jeans – especially pricier denim – I look for classic styles in timeless washes so that I can really get a long life out of them. My jeans need to be comfortable without losing shape, feel hefty without feeling stiff, and make me look and feel great. 

I live my life in jeans, and since they’re a staple in everyone’s closet I’m a big believer in investing in pairs that make you feel great. Enter the brand AYR, whose jeans I recently tried and instantly loved. In today’s post, I’m sharing a full review on one of their best-selling styles, The Pop jeans.

AYR Jeans Review

AYR stands for All Year Round, and as the name suggests, the brand prides itself on making pieces for every season and every season of your life. They make clothing for men and women, and other than a striped button up shirt approved by Oprah, probably best known for jeans. Co-founded by Maggie Winter and Jac Cameron, AYR produces its pieces in small batches to reduce waste and tests every item it makes on the team to ensure the perfect fit. All jeans are made in California.

For sizing reference, I am 5’ 4” and wear a 4 or 6. In denim, I am typically a 28 but sometimes do a 27 or even 29 depending on the brand.

The Pop Jeans

When I tried on the brand’s best-selling style, The Pop, it was love as first wear. Good jeans are difficult to find and shopping for them can be overwhelming, but when I put these on I felt a certain type of relief and confidence that I really haven’t felt in a while with denim. I have never made a decision about purchasing jeans so quickly.

The material was everything I was looking for: soft, thick but not too thick, with a slight stretch but not like leggings. They fit like a glove without pinching at my stomach or looking too tight, and somehow magically make my bum look lifted, but not huge.

Honestly, these may be the perfect pair of slim jeans, with a cute and subtle kick flare.

Here’s the 4-1-1 on this style:

  • Name: The Pop
  • Silhouette: Slim straight cut with the slightest kick flare at the bottom and designed for a slightly cropped ankle fit.
  • Front rise: This varies ever so slightly based on the wash, but on average the front rise is 10”

One thing I love about AYR jeans is that many of their styles are available in a short inseam and regular inseam. For The Pop, they’re available in three lengths so you can really choose exactly where you want the hem to hit you. I went with the 25” inseam to hit a couple inches above my ankles to show off my shoes. This length is a versatile one because it works with a lot of footwear options from ballet flats and sandals to heels and high ankle boots.

AYR recommends the 25” inseam for anyone 5’4” and under, the 27” inseam for 5’4” – 5’7, and the 29” inseam for those over 5’8”.

If you’re looking for a classic slim cut jean, I highly recommend these Pop jeans. Don’t let the kick flare scare you. As someone who isn’t super tall, straight leg jeans can look weirdly tapered on me and not straight at all. The subtle flare at the hem provides some balance and actually gives the illusion of a true straight leg. 

The sales associate recommended taking a size down, so I went with the 27 and they’ve been perfect. They give just a little bit without becoming baggy or morphing into another size.


The Secret Sauce

I also tried on The Secret Sauce, which is their wide leg jean. These are next on my AYR wish list! These felt on trend, but not trendy, and a wide enough leg without looking baggy or sloppy. 

Just like the Pop style, I loved these. I felt good and looked good in them, which is really all I want in clothes. 

Here are the fit details:

  • Name: The Secret Sauce
  • Silhouette: High rise, full length wide leg.
  • Front rise: 11” 
  • Length recommendations: Grab the short inseam if you’re 5’6” and under, otherwise get the regular inseam.

Take your regular size in these. Although I am a 27 in The Pop, I’m a 28 in this fit.

Are AYR Jeans Worth It?

In short, yes, AYR jeans are worth it. Whenever I buy an investment piece of clothing, I always consider the value it offers. Feeling confident and comfortable in something is priceless.

I also think about cost per wear of an item. Jeans are a part of my near-daily uniform, so for me it’s important to invest in denim that won’t stretch or rip, and to find silhouettes I can wear for years. Think about all the less expensive but so-so fitting jeans you have in your closet. Chances are, you’re never excited to wear these jeans. So, they either spend more time on their hangers, or you wear them out of utility but never feel totally amazing in them.

You deserve to feel great in your clothes no matter what! 

Trust me when I say this: it’s much better to have a few pairs of high-quality, well-fitting jeans that you feel amazing in than a ton of jeans that are just okay. 

Where to Buy AYR Jeans

Although you can buy a small selection of AYR pieces on Shopbop, AYR jeans are sold exclusively on the brand’s website. Ground shipping is free on all orders over $75, and returns are also free, so you can buy what you want, try in the comfort of your own home, and keep whatever you love.

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