How to Wear a Black Dress in Summer

Back when I was younger, I used to think black summer outfits were a no-no. Black should be for fall! Black should be for winter! Boy was I wrong. As much as I love a crisp white dress or white top, black is chic (and comfortable) in summer if you wear it correctly. Here are my easy tips on how to wear a black dress in summer.

How to Wear a Black Dress in Summer | Charmed by Camille
Black Summer Dress | Charmed by Camille

Find the Right Fabric

Not all black dresses are created equal and work well in the summer. For summer, I prefer a black dress in a lightweight jersey cotton (like the dress I’m wearing here) or linen. (ICYMI, I wrote this blog post on why linen is a must-have summer fabric.)

Look for fabrics that are breathable and comfortable for you. That LBD you have hanging in your closet made from wool? Nope. The key here is to make your black dress seasonably appropriate. An airy or flowy fabric piece an absolute must, especially since dark colors attract more heat in the summer. I’m linking a few black summer dresses in the shopping carousels within this post.

Offset Stark Black with Neutrals

To keep a black summer dress from looking too severe, I like to wear neutral accessories to balance things out a bit.

I never like my bags and shoes to be too matchy-matchy, but the natural tone of my sandals and organic weave complements my bag. (These slides are under $100 and run TTS. They go with EVERYTHING.)

I bought this woven bag right before everything shut down in March. I haven’t worn it much except to the grocery store and more recently these photos, but it’s such a good “in between” purse. It’s not too casual or fancy, it’s a nice neutral tan (not too pink or brown), and it fits all of the essentials. It’s also available in white which is equally adorable; click here.

Add in Fun Jewelry

It’s summer, the weather is nice, and people are happy. Don’t be afraid to add in some fun jewelry to your outfit to match your carefree summer spirit!

I’ve always loved a good arm stack, but I recently discovered Roxanne Assoulin and her bracelets – along with all of her jewelry – are just so FUN. (Shop my exact yellow “Follow the Sun” bracelet here.)

Play with fun fabrics that are nostalgic to summer camp feels – ribbons, cloth, beads, and even shells! The world is your oyster. (See what I did there?) 😉

How to Wear a Black Dress in Summer, Black Summer Dress | Charmed by Camille

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