Our Photo Holiday Cards From Minted are Here!

Our photo holiday cards from Minted are finally here! I’m sharing all about the ordering process, the special details that make Minted my favorite site for holiday cards, AND a promo code so you can save on your own cards this season.

A special thanks to Minted for partnering with me on this post.

Minted Photo Holiday Cards | Charmed by Camille
Minted Holiday Cards Review | Charmed by Camille

Minted Holiday Cards

Except for last year (because I didn’t send any cards), I have always used Minted for photo holiday cards.

Minted is an online marketplace that curates stationery, art, and more from independent artists from the US and beyond. When you purchase holiday cards (or anything!) from Minted, you’re also supporting the business of the designer that designed your item.

There are a lot of holiday cards out there. Some good, some bad, and let’s face it – some downright tacky. 

The thing that drew me to Minted in the first place is still the same reason I love them for cards today: they provide elegant, design-driven templates where your photo is the star of the card. They also have great premium features like foil-pressed lettering, free recipient addressing, and more. (More on that below!)

These cards feel deluxe when you hold them, the paper quality isn’t flimsy, and the printing is always perfect.

Minted design templates

Ordering Your Minted Holiday Cards

Minted makes ordering your holiday cards very visual and simple.

You can sort high level (like landscape or portrait) or super specific like the type of card you want (generic holiday, Christmas, religious, or New Years). 

You can also upload the photo you want to use, to see exactly how your photo will look in their designs.

Once you’ve picked out your template (you can shortlist your faves, too!) you’re ready to personalize whatever you want on your card. The initial template will start with the designer-recommended settings, but you can customize the following however you’d like:

  • Card colors
  • Square or rounded edges
  • Foil color (if applicable to your card)
  • If you want a flat or folded card
  • Name personalization

If you’re in a hurry or super overwhelmed, you can even text your photo to Minted and they’ll text you back five card designs with your photo for free. Text 22737 to try the service for yourself!

Minted holiday card result

Special Details I Love

Here are my favorite special details I love about Minted holiday cards:

Real Foil-Pressed Text

Elevate your cards with foil-pressed text. I live for this feature, and it’s the first filter I use when searching for my holiday cards. The holidays are the perfect time to add a little sparkle, and the sunken-in pressing of the foil really elevates even the simplest design.

Free Recipient Envelope Addressing

Minted includes free envelope addressing with all holiday cards. This is MAJOR and will save you SO. MUCH. TIME. 

Upload as many addresses as you want; any blank envelopes left in your order quantity will arrive read to go. (For example, if you order 50 cards and only have 25 addresses, the remaining 25 envelopes will arrive blank so you can address them later.)

Free Return Addressing

Choose from a free printed return address on your card, or upgrade to a return address sticker specially designed to match your Minted holiday card suite. 

If you’re looking for premium photo holiday cards this year, I really can’t recommend Minted enough! I have always loved our cards, and the quality is amazing.

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