What I Wore to NYFW: Black Pajama Matching Set

Hi there and happy Tuesday! This week I’m sharing back to back posts with all of the details from each of the looks I wore during New York Fashion Week. BTW, If you want to see video footage from the whole week, they are on my Instagram highlights.

For day one, I actually wore two different outfits – the feminine polka dot dress from yesterday’s post for daytime, then a black matching set for the WWD party at night.

I wish I could say I was fancy enough to actually get an invite to that party, however, I went as a plus one. The good news is, once you’re in the room nobody knows! 🙃

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know I am completely obsessed with Anine Bing the human as well as her fashion label. Her clothing just gets me. It’s equal parts boho and rocker, which I love because I’m always down for something a little funky to edge up an outfit.

Anine showed this in one of her IGTV videos and I stalked the website until it popped up. I mean, a drapey shirt with matching pants that look cool and slightly 1970s, but also resemble bougie pajamas at the same time? YES PLEASE! Kind of sounds like the perfect thing to wear to a party in New York, no?

Spoiler alert: I had this suit tailored to get it to fit like how it does on the model. Since I’m not a model, I do not have model legs so I had to get a considerable amount hemmed. (I’m 5’4″ for reference.) The shirt was also a bit long on me proportion-wise, so my tailor not only brought the sleeves , he also shortened it while keeping the same rounded shirttail detail.

If you’re going to spend money on something, you want it to fit right. While one person might say, “If it doesn’t fit, it’s not worth it,” I beg to differ in certain instances. If quality is not an issue and the major elements of the piece fit you, consider tailoring it. In my case here, it was only a matter of length not “fitting.” 

This suit set gives me major Studio 54 vibes. It’s totally effortless with the drapey material, so easy to wear, and the tonal stripes give added dimension.

I also love that this set is basically a three-in-one; you can wear the top and shirt together or each piece separately. You know I’m all about that cost per wear life, especially with things on the pricier side! These pants fit like a dream and I can’t wait to wear them simply with a tucked in white tee. (I just got these pieces back from the tailor right before NYFW, so this was my first time wearing them!) Perhaps I’ll do another post on how to wear the two pieces separately…

Shop the look below, then check back tomorrow for something a little cozier I wore during NYFW.


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