St. Tropez Travel Guide | Everything You Need to Know

Visiting St. Tropez was on my travel bucket list for years, and it’s as every bit as glamorous as you would imagine. Within hours of arriving, I was already trying to convince my husband Matt to plan a trip back. As someone who’s a little less, what’s the word – exuberant – about travel as I am, even he said he’d like to visit St. Tropez again. With its effortless glamour, pristine waters, and laidback lifestyle, it’s easy to see why the French Riviera has been a luxury destination for all these years. 

What was once a sleepy fishing village, St. Tropez drew in painters like Paul Signac and Henri Matisse, then later gave way to Hollywood types when Brigette Bardot’s And God Created Woman catapulted the town to international fame. On any given day in St. Tropez, you can see the intersection of both: old, but well-maintained candy-colored buildings that meet the blue Mediterranean waters lined with giant yachts.

If you’re looking for a European holiday filled with little luxuries, relaxation, and a hint of nostalgia, then St. Tropez needs to be on your travel bucket list, too. Here’s my full St. Tropez Travel Guide on how to make the most of your time in the Côte d’Azur’s most famous village.

St. Tropez Travel Guide
St. Tropez Travel Guide
St. Tropez Travel Guide
St. Tropez Summer Travel
How to Get to St. Tropez

St. Tropez Travel Guide

How to Get to St. Tropez

St. Tropez is the gem of the French Riviera for good reason: it’s not particularly super easy to get to. It’s a small coastal town, so unless you can jet set there with a private helicopter onto your yacht (yes, I saw this happen), you’ll need to fly into a neighboring airport or take a train.

The closest airports to St. Tropez are:

  • Toulon-Hyères, about 50 minutes away, with regional flights
  • Nice, about 1 hour and 30 minutes away, with international flights

We were in Paris before our leg in St. Tropez, and decided to take the train there so we could also see the French countryside. The closest train station to St. Tropez is Saint Raphael, about an hour to an hour and 30 minutes away.

To make travel easier for you, I recommend hiring a driver to transfer you from the airport or train station to your hotel. We coordinated our driver through the hotel, and we didn’t have the stress of trying to find a taxi upon arrival. 

St. Tropez things to do
St. Tropez itinerary ideas

Things to do in St. Tropez

Look at the Yachts

The main walking area of St. Tropez is along the water, and it’s lined with restaurants, shops, and yachts. Big yachts. Each time we walked in the harbor, Matt and I spotted a new boat or two. 

You obviously can’t go onto any of them – they are private, after all – but seeing these super yachts up close was really something.

We had a lot of fun Googling the yacht names and trying to find their owners. Many of the yachts here are private charters, but we did manage to spot a few belonging to Dutch billionaires. Although truthfully, I would have preferred to find Leo’s yacht instead. 😉

St. Tropez beach club
St. Tropez beach club summer
St. Tropez beach club guide

Spend the Day at a Famous Beach Club

Visiting one or two of the beach clubs in St. Tropez is a must. During the summer, the sun beds book quickly, so book as soon as you can, or see if your hotel is able to get you reservations. The main beach in St. Tropez is actually in the neighboring town of Ramatuelle, called Pampelonne beach.

Although sun bed reservations can cost up to $70 per person, you get all-day access to a pristine private beach, bathrooms, umbrellas, and a waiter if you want to order food or drinks. It really is worth it to have a dedicated space to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area or the local beaches.

Without a doubt, the most popular beach club in St. Tropez is Club 55.

We tried to make a reservation for Club 55 in early July, only to find out that they were fully booked through the end of August. So fifths is high on your St. Tropez list, be sure you book way in advance. When we were in St. Tropez, Kris Jenner, Brooklyn Beckham, and Leonardo DiCaprio were all spotted at Club 55 within the same week.

We enjoyed sun beds and lunch reservations at Verde Beach, which I cannot recommend enough. If you can’t get sun bed reservations, at least still go for lunch! They had a great DJ playing easy music in the morning, and then later in the day it turned a bit more clubby and the restaurant felt like a little beach party. It’s definitely a scene, so wear your best white outfit, and get ready for great people-watching.

I personally wouldn’t recommend more than a day or two at the beach club, because it was much more of a party vibe than other areas of St. Tropez. (Of course, if that’s why you’re visiting, then beach club your heart out!) The restaurant felt a bit more rowdy than the sun beds, but we were able to relax and enjoy the water perfectly fine.

PRO TIP: Have your hotel make a reservation for you in advance. They’ll be able to call different beach clubs locally and find who has open beds and/or dining reservations.

St. Tropez Travel Guide | Everything You Need to Know
Things to see in St. Tropez
Citadel St. Tropez
Citadel St. Tropez canons

Visit the Citadel

Located just a few steps from the top of St. Tropez village is the Citadel, which gave me major Game of Thrones vibes. Built in the 17th century at the topmost part of the town, it allowed guards to keep watch over the village to spot potential attackers. 

This was an easy, 30-minute adventure that transported us back in time with its dry moat, canons (still on display), and drawbridge. There’s also a small maritime museum located within the interior walls of the Citadel. Admission is super affordable (about 4 euros per person), and you can walk through the entire keep while also learning about the history of this fishing village.

If you’re looking for a great view, you can’t beat the one from the Citadel. We went just before closing time and enjoyed watching St. Tropez “rush hour” from the top of the town – AKA when all the yachts headed back to the harbor to dock their residents for dinner.

St. Tropez wineries
St. Tropez wine tasting
St. Tropez wine tour
St. Tropez wine tasting
Chateau Minuty

Go Wine Tasting

If you’ve ever had a sip of rosé, chances are it came from Cotes de Provence, a wine region in southeastern France along the Mediterranean. Over 80% of this region’s wine is rosé, and it’s worth a trip to one of the many local wineries to enjoy a tasting.

I was lucky enough to receive a complimentary tour of Chateau Minuty, one of the more well-known wineries with their rosé offered in nearly every restaurant in St. Tropez. (You can also find Minuty in the U.S., too!)

Minuty is still family owned, run by third and fourth-generation winemakers. Originally acquired in the 1930s, Chateau Minuty still houses the original home and chapel from the 1800s. After a tour of the breathtaking property, we got to see where the wine is pressed, blended, and fermented until it’s ready to be bottled. Matt and I finished our time there with a wine tasting and got to try all four rosés from the winery.

I highly recommend you take a morning or afternoon for a wine tasting; the areas surrounding St. Tropez village are filled with acres upon acres of wines, and it’s a huge part of the culture of the French Riviera.

Enjoy the Farmer’s Market

On Tuesday and Saturday mornings, you can find an open-air fresh market in St. Tropez’s Place de Lices. Located in the heart of the village, you can easily walk to it and scoop up everything from bread, produce, and flowers, to clothing and homeware. 

Go early to avoid the crowds and the heat!

St. Tropez Travel Guide | Everything You Need to Know
Walking around St. Tropez

Plan a Shopping Day

Enjoy a day of shopping and walking through St. Tropez’s pastel colored buildings and winding alleys. 

You can find a ton of French designer stores here, from Saint Laurent and Hermes to Louis Vuitton and Dior. 

PRO TIP: If you’re looking to make any kind of designer purchase and happen to have a trip to France planned, buy in France. Not only are the actually retail prices for luxury goods much cheaper in France, you’ll also be able to take advantage of additional savings with VAT refunds (duty tax) if you’re outside of the EU. I saved about $550 or 20% in total, on a Chanel Wallet on a Chain in France. (The exchange rate was about 1 to 1 a the time of my visit.)

There are also some great little stores selling lightweight dresses and St. Tropez beach wear, and I highly encourage you to pop into these places for something unique (and affordable). 

If you’re looking for sandals, a stop at K. Jacques, a family-owned St. Tropez brand, is a must. Although you can find some K. Jacques styles in the U.S., the boutiques there have a much larger assortment, and you can also customize your sandals!

Best Restaurants in St. Tropez

Le Café

We ate at Le Café our first night in St. Tropez at the recommendation of our hotel and it did not disappoint. I enjoyed truffle ravioli and Matt had veal, which, according to him was the best veal he’s have ever had in his life. The restaurant is beautiful, with giant woven lamps and a patio covered in faux greenery to die for. This was one of my favorite meals of our entire France trip, not just St. Tropez.

Le Cafe interior
Le Cafe food review
St. Tropez Travel Guide - where to eat


This is a sister spot to Le Café. Although similar in cuisine (Italian) and décor, Gina’s overlooks the port and water instead of Place de Lices, providing prime viewing for the passerbys and yachts.

I got a truffle pasta (the limit does not exist on truffle consumption) and Matt got a veal chop. I know, we really branched out, but if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Good vibes, good food, and good people watching. And that’s really all you need in life, right? 


All red and right on the corner, you can’t miss Senequier, a St. Tropez staple. Our hotel recommended it for a quick breakfast, but Matt and I went multiple times for drinks and snacks before dinner. It’s THE place to go for a drink.

Grab a spritz or rosé and take in the beautiful French Riviera sunset. You may also want to take a look at the people around you; this place is a known celebrity hot spot.

Senequier food guide
two glasses of Senequier drinks
Dior sign in Dior Des Lices
Dior Des Lices restaurant
Dior Des Lices dessert
Dior Des Lices

Dior Des Lices

Nestled right in the middle of the town is the beautiful Dior store, along with their very own courtyard café fully decked out in the brand’s signature toile and quilted prints. Dior Des Lices is a picture-perfect spot that is not to be missed. 

The food here is cute, dainty, and actually tasty. And much like the rest of St. Tropez it’s not cheap, but worth the splurge to dine on fancy plates I’ll probably never buy myself and see all the different ways they can incorporate Dior into your meal.

After lunch, you get immediate access to shop the store just steps away. (When we went in July, there was a line for those only looking to shop at the store.)

PRO TIP: This is another place I recommend having your hotel make reservations ahead of time for you.


If you’re looking for something completely different from French or Mediterranean fare, head to Manko for Peruvian food. It’s located off a tiny alley, so not visible from the street. Everything is served in, small family-sized portions. We ordered street corn, grilled chicken, and a few other plates, and it was a nice change to the pasta and French food we’d been eating for a week prior.

interior of Manko St. Tropez

Best Hotels in St. Tropez

Where to stay in St. Tropez, depending on your mood and taste:

  • For a 1950s nostalgic feel, stay at Hotel Ermitage (Their bar also features live music and a DJ)
  • If you’re looking to stay out of the city center, try a more bed and breakfast feel at La Bastide d’Antoine
  • For a luxurious splurge just outside of St. Tropez village, book a room at Cheval Blanc
  • Villa Marie offers a more secluded stay, with a private home feel
  • For a party-vibe smack in the middle of the city, try the famous Hotel Byblos
  • Enjoy a pool day and cute décor at Le Yaca, right in the heart of St. Tropez (its smaller, sister hotel Le Y is where we stayed)

Getting Around

St. Tropez village is relatively small, and although hilly, most places are easily accessible by foot. If you’re looking to take a day trip to a beach club or wine tasting, then you’re going to need to drive there.

Our hotel helped coordinate taxis and drivers for our day trips, but other than that, we just grabbed our sandals and explored St. Tropez by walking. If you take a taxi somewhere, be sure to grab a business card so you can call the or their company whenever you need a lift back.

Ready for your trip to St. Tropez? If you use any of these recommendations, let me know! Enjoy your time in the Côte d’Azur.

Not sure what to wear on your trip to St. Tropez ? My French Riviera Style Guide has you covered.

If you’re looking for another destination in the south of France, here’s my travel guide to 72 hours in Marseille.

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