What I Wore in France: From Paris to St. Tropez

Matt and I went to France to celebrate our ten-year wedding anniversary. He’d never been, and I had only been to Paris once as a teenager with my family. As we were planning our trip, we knew Paris was a must. But I wanted to see a little more of the country, too. Since we would be traveling during the summer, we added in extra time to see the south of France, specifically Saint Tropez and Marseille.

Once we figured out our vacation stops, I went all in on planning my outfits for this trip. I really wanted to embrace French fashion and also have fun with my personal style. Each place we visited in France has its own vibe, so I had a lot of fun with my looks. (It’s also safe to say I’m a Francophile now, and completely obsessed with Parisian style and French pharmacy beauty.)

Here is everything I wore during my trip to France.

What I Wore in France

Regardless of where you go in France during the summer, there are a few fashion staples you should pack:

  • Chic flat sandals – For exploring cities with cobblestone streets. Invest for something a little fancier than your average sightseeing sandals so you can also wear them to dinner.
  • Summer dresses or skirts – leave your denim shorts at home.
  • A zip-top crossbody bag – Even in safe areas, European cities have pickpocket issues. A crossbody strap ensures nobody can grab your bag off your shoulder, and a zipper top adds an extra deterent. I love this leather crossbody (shown below in several photos).

For a complete international travel packing checklist with non-fashion essentials, check out this post.

Paris Outfits

Ah, Paris. Parisian style is so classic and effortless. French fashion has always been seen as timeless. I love that French women embrace neutrals and timeless patterns like stripes and polka dots, without leaning in too heavy to any specific fashion trend of the moment.

I felt right at home in my collection of tailored shorts and striped tees, and but also had some fun with easy summer dresses that worked for both Paris and the south of France.

Since Paris is a major fashion capital, I highly recommend making a fancy dinner reservation and dressing up with something and a bold red lip.

For our first night, we celebrated our arrival with a nice dinner, and I had to have my Carrie Bradshaw moment with a statement dress. 🙂

Sezane is a French brand I have grown to love over the past few years, so I packed several of their pieces for this trip. They have multiple locations around Paris, so if you’re looking for some shoppinig there, I definitely recommend a visit!

What I Wore in France: From Paris to St. Tropez
What I Wore in France: From Paris to St. Tropez
Paris outfit ideas
Striped tee and shorts Paris trip

St. Tropez Outfits

The French Riviera is a summer spot like no other. With pristine beaches, acres of wineries, and yachts for days, it’s no wonder people love to visit St. Tropez. Dressing in here is a bit more colorful than Paris – it’s a holiday destination after all. So, I embraced the Hermes head scarf Matt bought me with almost everything I wore. I also wore white. A lot of white.

For my full list of must-have pieces to wear in the South of France, click here for my French Riviera style guide.

St. Tropez Outfit ideas
St. Tropez Party outfit

What I Wore in Marseille

Marseille is the oldest city in France, and an important historical hub for fishing and trade. It’s a large city. And, although a lot of the architecture looks like Paris, has a much more urban feel. 

Although St. Tropez is only a couple of hours away, the dress code here is much different. It’s more on the casual side and decidedly a little less chic than Parisian style. 

I kept to flowy maxi dresses and walking sandals for exploring around the Vieux-Port (Old Port) and our day trip to Aix en Provence. Here’s a full travel guide on 72 hours in Marseille.

What I Wore in Marseille

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