Review | Beauty Products I Tried in February

Last month I tested a handful of new beauty products, and now that I’ve used them for a couple of weeks, I’m giving you my feedback. Here are the beauty products I tried in February, including everything I liked, to what I didn’t.

Beauty Product Review | Beauty Products I Tried in February - Charmed by Camille
Tata Harper Cleanser | Clean Skin Care - Beauty Products I Tried in February | Charmed by Camille

As a blogger, brands frequently send me products to test and try. This usually happens for two main reasons; either the brand is promoting new product(s) and does a large gifting mailer as part of a launch, or I reach out to brands I’m interested in and receive products to try.

I try makeup and skincare items for at least two weeks before I make a decision if a product does or doesn’t work for me. Unless something makes me breakout immediately, I make sure I consistently like the product. With skincare products, there are no instant results in really anything, so it always takes time to start seeing even the tiniest results.

Everyone’s skin is unique, so although a product may or may not work for me, you may not have the same experience. All products I received in this post were sent free of charge, but the opinions you’ll read below are my own.

Follain Firming Serum

Follain is a clean beauty retailer that also makes their own products. My skin has been extra dehydrated this winter so when I heard “collagen boost” I was in.

Overall, I like this Firming Serum. It’s a more on the thicker side when it comes to serums; the texture is closer to a lightweight moisturizer than an oil-type serum. The texture feels almost velvety and nice on the skin; it’s not overly tacky, but you know it’s there.

I haven’t had any, “WOW!” moment yet with this serum, but like I mentioned above, skin care results take time. I’m not ruling it out yet, and will continue to keep it in my routine for the next couple of weeks.

Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser

Every time I’ve seen anything about Tata Harper, this Regenerating Cleanser is usually associated with it. I used a small sample of Tata Harper moisturizer forever ago and it made me break out. I don’t know if the sample was bad (their products don’t contain fillers or preservatives) or if it just wasn’t for me. Needless to say, although I was curious about this best-selling exfoliating cleanser, I’ve been putting off trying it until now.

I really wish I hadn’t waited so long to try this cleanser. I now understand why it’s one of their best sellers. For one, it smells absolutely amazing, like apricot, so there’s a super refreshing sensation and scent while cleansing your face.

You apply to dry skin until the product starts to emulsify and turn white, then rinse. As someone who has always preferred foamy cleansers to creamy ones like this, I’m surprised that I haven’t missed my old foamy cleanser at all. My skin has consistently felt clean and smooth after use, without feeling overly dy. (Since I have combination skin, this can often happen to me after cleansing.)

This cleanser has physical and chemical exfoliants to slough away dead skin cells for smoother skin, so it does have some polishing beads (kind of like a sandy texture) in the formula. However, I found this cleanser to be super gentle nonetheless. This one is staying in my nighttime skin care routine!

Elaluz Overnight Facial Glow

I had high hopes for this gradual facial tanner from Elaluz. The packaging is pretty, the formula glides on like a moisturizer, and there’s no terrible fake tanner smell. That’s about where the good stuff stops, though.

The back of the tube recommends using 1-3 nights to achieve your desired level of color, but on day 3 I saw no noticeable difference. I used a pretty thin layer each night, so it’s entirely possible I didn’t use enough. However, it’s a pretty small bottle that I imagine you could go through pretty quickly. For the price – it retails for $29 – I’m not sure that’s worth it, especially because I have seen literal overnight results with Bliss’ Stay-cay Glow Gradual Bronzing Overnight Night Mask for only $15.

Pacifica Glow Baby Radiance Peel Pads

This is a toughie for me because I genuinely feel that these peel pads from Pacifica do actually work. I’ve used Bliss That’s Incredi-peel Pads (drug store) and Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads (Sephora) over the years and quality-wise, there are so on par with both.

I’d actually go so far here to say that for the drugstore option, these may even work better than the Bliss pads upon initial impressions. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t get over the smell and stopped using them after a couple of uses.

If you’re not overly sensitive to smells, give these a try, because I do believe the quality is there at a very affordable price.

IGK Good Behavior Smoothing Blowout Balm

Simply put, I love this balm. I don’t typically wear my hair straight, but it historically always has a bit of frizz unless when I do, unless I run a flat iron over it.

My hair looked visibly sleeker after using this smoothing blowout balm, and it also felt SO silky. I have some breakage at my roots where my part is and still experienced some frizz there, but everything else down to the ends looked smooth. It’s a heat-activated product and also a heat-protectant, so no need to double up on products.

Do you like these kinds of mini review beauty posts? If so, please let me know! I always love sharing my opinions on makeup, skin, and hair products with you, even on the ones I don’t totally love.

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