My Summer Skincare Routine for Combination Skin (VIDEO)

When it comes to my summer skincare routine, less is definitely more for my combination skin. I don’t buy buy all new products when the seasons change, just a couple of swaps for the warm weather. I’m sharing my summer skincare routine for combination skin, along with a video, below.

Summer Skincare Routine for Combination Skin | Charmed by Camille

I am not a dermatologist, but this is what works for me.

My Summer Skincare Routine

Combination skin can be tricky, especially in the summer when you’re trying to avoid a shiny, yet dehydrated forehead. In general, I like to switch out heavy products like cream cleansers and moisturizers to their lighter counterparts, while still making hydration a priority.

Daily Summer Skincare Routine

From start to finish, here’s what I use every day:

1. Gel Cleanser

I have been enjoying this creamy cleanser all winter and spring, but if you have combination skin, consider switching to a gel cleanser as part of your summer skincare routine. Not only is the formula lighter, there’s something super refreshing and soothing when applying a gel cleanser after a hot day in the sun. I’ve really been liking IS Clinical Cleansing Complex, a recommendation and favorite of my esthetician.

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a year-round skin care product for me, but it’s especially helpful in the summer. Vitamin C contains antioxidants to help prevent damage from the sun, but it also brightens the appearance of existing sun spots, known as hyperpigmentation.

My favorite Vitamin C face serum is CEO from Sunday Riley. (You can also reap the benefits of Vitamin C on your entire body – I like this body serum from Avon.)

3. Lightweight Moisturizer

Heavy creams are too much for my skin in the summer. I switch to a lightweight moisturizer as part of my summer skincare routine, even at night.

I’ve been using this moisturizer from U Beauty; it features hyaluronic acid to keep skin hydrated all day. Hyaluronic acid holds 1,000 times its weight in water, attracting water to the surface of your skin. This helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that you may see pop up after a day in the sun.


4. SPF

SPF is an absolute must for a summer skincare routine, regardless of skin type. I share a bunch of my favorite facial sunscreens in this post (depending on what you’re looking for), but this sunscreen from Supergoop is a great universal option. It’s a clear formula, and acts as a makeup primer.

At Night

Add a Hydrating Serum

Between the sun, planes, sweating, and the beach, summer can really leave skin dehydrated.

First, make sure you’re drinking enough water. Second, add a boost of hydration with a hydrating serum. I like this glycerin-based serum from Kiehl’s.



Combination skin means I’m prone to oily spots that can lead to breakouts. And summer sweat and humidity that clog pores doesn’t help. I’m pretty diligent about exfoliating regularly, but I’m more religious about it in the summer. I exfoliate at least two times a week, maybe even three if my skin is feeling overly congested or bumpy.

I like to use these peel pads; they’re also super convenient for summer travel since they’re individually wrapped.

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