My Favorite Holiday Storage Items

While some people put their tree away right after Christmas, I’m more of a “wait until the New Year to do it” kind of girl. Now that I’m finally getting around to taking the ornaments off and the garland down, I figured I’d share my favorite holiday storage items.

Read about why I love these holiday storage solutions, or click on any image in the collage below shop each item directly!

My Favorite Holiday Storage Items

Weathertight Storage Bins

My Favorite Holiday Storage Solutions | Charmed by Camille

I like to use cohesive storage bins as much as I can in my garage, just so I don’t feel like I’m looking at one big mess on my shelves.

I’ve been slowly transitioning my bins to these weathertight storage bins from The Container Store.

Since they have latches, you don’t have to worry about the lid popping off while you put away (or take down) your holiday decor. The latching lid also creates and air and water-tight seal to prevent dust and moisture.

However, my favorite thing about these storage bins its their modular stacking nature. Each lid is grooved for no-slip stacking, and The Container Store makes a bunch of different sizes so you can organize however you need.

A Tree Bag

Tree Storage Bag, My Favorite Holiday Storage Solutions | Charmed by Camille

I like storing our artificial tree in a tree storage bag. True, the original packaging may be a bit more compact than the bag, but I don’t have the patience to try and squish it back into its box.

Unless you’re short on storage space, consider using a tree bag to store yours. We have a tree bag a little bigger than our tree so that there’s extra space for the tree skirt, wreaths, and garland.

Ornament Storage

Ornament Storage Bin, My Favorite Holiday Storage Solutions | Charmed by Camille

For the longest time, I would individually wrap every ornament I owned in tissue paper. It was time-consuming.

If you are still doing this, just invest already in ornament storage. These plastic ornament storage bins hold 75 ornaments each and neatly stack on top of each other. They also come with cardboard dividers so that you can stop

If these aren’t for you, these ornaments cubes are made from durable fabric and they’re a bit more compact.

Gift Wrap Storage Bin

Wrapping Paper Storage, My Favorite Holiday Storage Solutions | Charmed by Camille

There is nothing more frustrating to me than opening a closet only to have rolls of wrapping paper fall down and come at you.

Store your wrapping paper, bows, and bags in one convent spot with this extra long storage bin.

Cord Wrap and Bin

Christmas Light Organizer, My Favorite Holiday Storage Solutions | Charmed by Camille

Wrap your lights around this nifty, space-saving light cord wrap. At just $3, it really is worth buying and does save space.

I have about 500 mini lights around a single wrap, and have it in a bigger box with other holiday decor.

However, if have a lot of lights, you can buy this weathertight file bin from The Container Store and hang multiple cord wraps like you would hanging folders.

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Wreath Storage Bag

Wreath Storage, My Favorite Holiday Storage Solutions | Charmed by Camille

Trying to fit a round wreath into a rectangular storage bin is annoying.

Unless you’re able to store your wreath with your tree in its bag (see above) then consider adding a wreath storage bag to your holiday storage repertoire.

Label Maker

My Favorite Label Maker | Charmed by Camille

No organization project is complete without labeling, and holiday storage is no different.

I own and love this label maker. It even comes in its own carrying case that fits additional label tape so you can keep it all together in one handy spot.

Once you have categorized and stored everything exactly to your liking, it’s time to label! I promise, this will save you time next year as you search for certain things.

I try to store my holiday decor by category so that I can label each box as clear as possible.

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  • Decoration area: holiday mantle decor, media cabinet Christmas village, etc.

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