Kosas Revealer Foundation Review and First Impressions

If you’ve been following me for a bit, then you know I am a big fan of the makeup brand Kosas. I started using a couple of their products a few years back, and my favorite product by them is the Revealer Concealer. So, when I heard that the brand launched a new foundation based on this cult-favorite, I had to try it. Today I’m sharing my first impressions on Kosas Revealer Foundation. 

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I’m normally not a foundation person, but Kosas concealer is so creamy and provides great coverage that I found myself using it in more places than just under my eyes or over my blemishes, and on some days, more like a foundation.

I’ve been using Kosas Tinted Facial Oil, but have always been on the lookout for a product that provides fuller coverage without feeling too heavy on my combination skin. So, is Kosas Revealer Foundation worth the hype?

The brand gifted me this product to try, and I’m sharing my honest review and first impressions of Kosas Revealer Foundation in today’s video and blog post.

Kosas Revealer Foundation Review

What is Revealer Foundation?

According to the Kosas website, Revealer Foundation is a medium-coverage foundation with Broad Spectrum SPF 25.

The brand claims that this product helps to smooth skin texture and minimize the look of pores, while providing a natural finish.

Like all Kosas products, Revealer Foundation contains good-for-you skin care ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic acid and peptides help hydrate and plump skin
  • Caffeine and niacinamide help to brighten
  • Squalane and arnica soothe skin
  • SPF 25 protects skin against UVA and UVB rays

Kosas Revealer Foundation is $42 for 1 ounce, and is available in over 30 shades. Pricing for Kosas Revealer Foundation is in line with foundations from NARS, Ilia Beauty, and Makeup Forever.

My Initial Thoughts

I have combination skin, so I like a healthy glow without an overly dewy appearance. I also need products that stay in place and won’t slide off my oily areas like my forehead or cheeks.

If you use Kosas Tinted Facial Oil, then you’ll definitely notice a thicker formula and feel it on your skin. It felt heavier on my face, but didn’t feel uncomfortable. I wanted to try a fuller coverage to see how this would last throughout the day, so I used about 1.5 pumps intentionally. This is probably more than I’d use on a regular day, but the product held, and it didn’t crease or melt off my face.

I like to use my fingers to apply foundation, but the brand does make a foundation sponge if you prefer.

Although personally I had to get used to the weight of the foundation on my skin, what I was most impressed by was the instant result of Kosas Revealer Foundation. I immediately had an even, nearly perfect-looking complexion upon application. It made my skin glowy without being too dewy, and my pores looked practically invisible.

Surprisingly at the end of the day, I didn’t have that “dirty” feel that I often encounter with foundation, and it was easy to remove.

Kosas Revealer Foundation Review and First Impressions | Charmed by Camille

The Verdict

Despite the fact that I told myself I’d save Kosas Revealer Foundation for days when I want fuller coverage, I have been reaching for it almost every day.

As someone with combination skin, this products holds up, doesn’t crease, and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy.

The results of this foundation are actually quite impressive; I instantly had perfectly even skin and nearly invisible pores. This product truly delivers on its promise that it smoothes skin and gives a filter-like appearance.

If you aren’t into foundations, I still recommend you try Kosas Revealer Foundation; that’s how much I like it. Yes, you will feel it more than whatever lightweight formula you currently use, but I think you’ll love the results.

I took a look at the reviews on the Sephora and people seem to either love or hate Kosas Revealer Foundation, but I found it to work on my skin.

Have you tried Kosas Revealer Foundation? Let me know in the comments. 

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