My Winter Weekend: Jackson Hole Weekend Guide

In collaboration with Jackson Hole Traveler 

All places with * generously provided complimentary services, but all opinions are my own

Two weekends ago I went on a fun little blogger reunion trip with my friends Amanda, Megan, and Collins. I’ve traveled with Amanda a few times throughout this year and met Megan and Collins at Fashion Week. Needless to say I instantly hit it off with them and next thing we knew, we were all planning a trip to Jackson Hole.

If Jackson Hole has been on your bucket list, or if you’re planning a trip there, this post is filled with all of the details of our weekend. Read on to find out where we stayed, what we did, and where we ate in Jackson Hole.

First and foremost, the first place you must visit when planning a trip to Jackson Hole is Jackson Hole Traveler. They are a magazine and online resource for all things JH and helped us in planning our entire weekend itinerary with their different partners. (You can also access special offers from brand partners here.)

Where We Stayed*

Jackson Hole has a couple of hotels, but we wanted more of a “mountain getaway” experience so went with a house instead of a hotel. 

We found Rendezvous Mountain Rentals through Jackson Hole Traveler and they were generous enough to lets us stay the long weekend in one of their gorgeous listings.

Our home for the weekend was an incredible home located of a quiet street just a few minutes from the base of Teton Village. To say I loved this house is a massive understatement. It was a split-level home with 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and a vaulted-ceiling living room that looked like it was straight out of a magazine. It had a fully equipped kitchen, extra blankets for coziness, a wood fireplace, and even a hot tub on the deck! Now, I love my little 1,100 square foot home in LA, but this was such a dream. 

Although I love a good hotel, there is something about staying at a place with multiple rooms and a kitchen that just makes a visit feel like home, even if only for a few nights.

Imagine this: waking up to absolute quiet, shuffling out of your room into the large living room (with a bighorn sheep head on the wall!) and then opening the shutters to a view of pines covered in snow. You take it all in for a second, then head to the stovetop to boil some water for hot chocolate. Once your hot chocolate is ready, you go to sit on the big comfy couch by the fire. That’s how a couple of my mornings went while staying in this home, and it was amazing.

Rendezvous Mountain Rentals is the leader in home rentals in Jackson Hole, so we knew even before arriving that we’d be staying in a great place – but it outshined our expectations by a landslide.

If you’re planning a trip to Jackson Hole, especially with a group of people, I highly recommend Rendezvous Mountain Rentals. We each had our own set of keys, the house was spotless upon arrival, and basic amenities like shampoo, conditioner, and lotion were fully stocked in every bathroom. They were even kind enough to provide us with humidifiers because of the dry air!

(If you fall in love with this place, Latham Jenkins of Live Water Jackson Hole can help you navigate the real estate in town. Fun fact: only 3% of land in this area is private because the other parts are public/parks/etc, so housing cane be hard to come by!)

What We Did

Our weekend was jam-packed with SO many fun adventures thanks to Jackson Hole Traveler. They truly let us experience all aspects of Jackson Hole, from outdoor adventures to wine tasting. I’m breaking every individual thing we did below!

Fahrenheit 47 – Moet Champagne Igloo at The Four Seasons*

Hidden in the back of The Four Seasons is the cutest little outdoor Igloo and champagne bar called Fahrenheit 47. This little space was so cozy and filled with seats, fur throws, and even some skis! It’s by Moet & Chandon, so you can take your pick of bubbly and hang out inside the igloo as long as you like. (PRO TIP: They also serve free s’mores and hot chocolate right outside of the igloo, which was a fun little surprise!)

Snowmobiling with Scenic Safaris*

Our day started with our tour guide Jeff picking us up from our house, outfitting us back at the Scenic Safaris HQ, then driving us to our starting destination. I’m just going to put it out there, this was my favorite activity we did this weekend.

I’d never been snowmobiling before, and this was SO. DANG. FUN. If you’ve been jet skiing, I’d compare it to that, but I actually want to say I felt a little safer on the snowmobile actually? Anyway, the trails we went through were so beautiful and you can only get to them via snowmobile, dog sledding, or cross-country skiing. We were out in some serious nature and just riding through was so peaceful and gave us all a few hours to just unplug and enjoy our time outside together. (Since you’re on individual snowmobiles with a helmet on, it’s really just you and the trees while you’re riding – unless you choose to ride tandem.)

Midday we made a stop at a local saloon for some hearty lunch and a quick tea/coffee break to warm up before heading back to the start. Along the way we made stops here and there for photos, and at one point each of us got stuck in powder and poor Jeff got in about 10 workouts that day helping us lift our machines out of the snow.

Scenic Safaris will outfit you with what you need to stay warm and safe while you’re out there. Obviously, you’ll want to wear cold-weather gear and layers, but they provided a warm zip up jumpsuit, hefty boots, and helmets. (I originally had ski pants but only wore a base layer and a puffer jacket under the jumpsuit and I was fine. If it’s really cold though, consider ski pants, too.)

We are also outfitted with the coolest leather gloves by Give’r. Each set of gloves is hand coated with baked on wax, making them water proof and weather resistant for a day of adventure.

Wine Tasting at Jackson Hole Winery*

During the colder months, Jackson Hole Winery moves from its summer location into a tasting room right off the main street in downtown Jackson Hole.

We had an amazing wine tasting experience thanks to Jeff, who told us all about the winery’s history, and how the grapes are grown. They’re actually grown in Sonoma, then fermenting in Jackson Hole. Since the elevation is Jackson Hole is so high, the lack of oxygen slows down the process, allowing more juice to grape contact for flavorful wine. Pretty cool, right?

They did have a white wine, but our tasting was predominately reds (zinfandel, pinot noir, and blends) and I grabbed a bottle to take home with me. 

Drinks and People Watching at Cowboy Bar

It wouldn’t be a trip to Jackson Hole without visiting The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. The people in this place are LIVING. Literally everyone who lives in Jackson Hole comes here, and it was an eclectic mix of people my age, visitors, and old school cowboys. Real cowboys. 

Okay, it’s a little kitschy (the bar stools are saddles) and there may or may not be stuffed animals in there, but it’s amazing and you can’t miss it if you visit JH. Fun fact, THE MAYOR OF JACKSON HOLE HAS HIS OWN BAND THAT PLAYS THERE along with other rotating bands. 

National Museum of Wildlife Art*

The National Museum of Wildlife Art really surprised me, in a good way! A little way from downtown Jackson Hole, this museum is up on a hill so you might miss it if not for some bronze bison statues on the side of the road. I highly recommend you go in and take a peek!

It holds over 5,000 pieces of animal artwork. The pieces in here are gorgeous, and if you’re looking for a few hours of something a little more relaxing than snowmobiling or hiking, this peaceful place is perfect.

Jackson Hole Shooting Experience*

I have never shot a gun before and to be totally honest here, I was very worried and uncomfortable for this part of our trip. However, I can now say I’ve shot a rifle and hit four targets!

Tony at Jackson Hole Shooting Experience was so professional, made me feel safe in the shooting range environment, and didn’t rush me when I decided I wanted to try my hand at a shot. Like I said, I was super nervous for this for this but actually really enjoyed hitting the targets. (I forget which gun I shot, but it was on a stand on a table, and it felt very stable because both elbows were on the table.)

It was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and I appreciate the patience the team at Jackson Hole Shooting Experience provided. 

Sleigh Ride at Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures*

This activity almost didn’t happen! We actually didn’t have a sleigh ride on our itinerary due to lack of snow but at the last minute the weather changed, and we were able to book this unbelievable experience!

Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures is where it’s at. First off, we were greeted by a man who resembled Santa, not just because of his looks but because he was also SO jolly. He and his wife are the owners (she drives the sleigh), building the business up for the past twenty years.

In winter they run sleigh rides, snow shoeing, and dinners. In summer, you can take a handmade boat (by Santa!) and go out on the Snake River for fishing.

Our sleigh ride was so magical. As we waited for the sleigh to arrive it started snowing, then we heard the horse come around wearing sleigh bells. DEAD. It was picture perfect. 

The ride took us into a little forest along the river, and we even spotted two bald eagles! Then we ended the ride at “camp” which is a small plot of land with heated teepees to relax. I’ve been on a couple of sleigh rides before, and this took the cake. After we settled into our teepee, we were offered coffee and delicious hot chocolate. We learned all about Jackson Hole Adventures and the people who work there are really all like one giant family. 

If you choose the dinner sleigh ride, they’ll set up a full homemade gourmet meal at the end of your adventure. INSIDE OF THE TEEPEE. 

I of course can’t speak for the experience during the summer, but this is a must for winter. 

Dancing at The Stagecoach Bar

The Stagecoach Bar is where everyone goes for dancing on Sunday nights, and is therefore also called “church” by JH locals.

The Stagecoach Band plays every single Sunday here; in fact, they haven’t missed a single Sunday in 50 years, making them the oldest live band in America! One of the singers in the band is Bill Briggs, the first man to ski Grand Teton Mountain in 1971. He’s commonly known as the father of extreme skiing, and I got to see him on stage strumming along on his guitar. I mean, what a legend!

I also learned on this trip that it’s very impolite to decline a dance from a cowboy and was treated to a delightful two-step with the cutest older cowboy named John. The vibe of this place felt less kitschy than Cowboy Bar, and there seemed to be some more serious dancers here. It was a little quiet, but we were told it was a slow night, maybe because it was snowing.

Custom Hat Making at Sing Hat Company

If you’re looking for something truly unique to take home with you, stop by Sing Hat Company. These are custom, hand-made hats and truly one-of-a-kind. After you get your head measured, you can pick the fabric, color, and every detail of your hat, right down to the brim length and hate band. It takes a while to get your hat (about 18 – 20 weeks!) but for something that nobody else will have and a special gift from Jackson Hole, I think it’s worth it.

Plus, you will totally girl crush on the owner, Christy. She is so boho/mountain chic without even trying and looks like she stepped out of a Free People ad.

Where We Ate

Westbank Grill at The Four Seasons*

Our first night in Jackson we trekked down the hill to The Four Seasons for the #MoetMoment Champagne igloo and dinner at Westbank Grill. Um, YUM. We shared the white cheddar mac and cheese, truffle fries, and roasted mushrooms. I got the wedge salad (YUM) and beef tenderloin (DOUBLE YUM).

For dessert, you MUST get the cowboy cookie. If you’ve ever had a Pazookie from BJ’s it’s like that but about 100x better. Basically, it’s a cookie in a mini cast iron skillet and they put a big old scoop of ice cream on it. 


Glorietta reminds me of the little hipster spots in LA, but in Jackson Hole. 🙂

They’re a cozy Italian restaurant located in the Anvil Hotel serving up delicious food and awesome craft cocktails. I got the mulled wine, but they also have other festive drinks like hot toddies and real spiked eggnog. 

Amanda and I split the spaghetti with meatballs and truffle honey chicken. The spaghetti had some kick to it (we still can’t decide if it came from the sauce or the meatballs) and the chicken was delish.

Must get: the white bean and garlic spread with grilled bread.

I wish I had some more photos of this spot but think warm wooden counters, white subway tile walls, and black and white photos of Brigette Bardot.


Connected to the National Museum of Wildlife Art is Palate, a contemporary restaurant overlooking the acres and acres of the Elk Refuge. The elk come down later in winter when it’s snowier in the mountains, but it was a gorgeous view, nonetheless. 

What we ate:

  • Sweet potato jojos
  • Fried smoked mozzarella
  • French onion grilled cheese (this is basically French onion soup in grilled cheese form and maybe my favorite thing I ate the whole trip)
  • Cinnamon sugar frybread (like funnel cake, but crispier)

Come here for lunch with a view and then stop by the museum for a relaxing afternoon.

Bar Enoteca*

Our last night was spent at Bar Enoteca recapping our weekend over shared plates at Bar Enoteca. This place is Mediterranean, so think a bit of Italian mixed with Middle Eastern flair. It’s a rather small menu but everything was packed with flavor.

We shared a bunch of plates, but here were my favorites:

  • Ricotta bowl – served with flatbread and so good
  • Cheeseboard
  • A really good cold salad with chopped up kale, apple, walnuts, and pomegranate
  • The mini desserts – so good for sharing! I love the pot de crème

Bar Enoteca is located in Hotel Terra and part of a group called Fine Dining Group, which boasts five Jackson Hole restaurants around the town.


Before I left for Jackson Hole, Persephone was the one spot that I kept hearing about. (I thought you pronounced this place “purse-a-phone” but I guess it’s “per-sef-ah-knee.”)

Anyway, there are two locations but long story short this is a picture-perfect bakery with the goods to back it up. Prior to going I googled it to see the hype and decided if it was good enough for GP (Gwenyth Paltrow) and Ina Garten, it’d be good enough for me. It definitely was! 

I got the almond croissant and it was probably the best one I’ve ever had. I also got a hot chocolate with a gourmet vanilla marshmallow to top it off! It was a great treat before heading to the airport.

I had such an incredible time in Jackson Hole; it’s a truly special place where you can connect with nature even just by talking a walk outside. With so much public land for shared use, there’s something totally unique about JH that you just can’t get with other mountain towns. 

Jackson Hole Traveler was beyond thoughtful, helpful, and accommodating at getting us set up for our weekend. If you’re going to plan a trip to JH, they are a must-have resource for all things in the area.

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