How to Build a Sunday Reset Routine for a Productive Week

There’s something extremely satisfying about starting Monday knowing you’ve already accomplished a few things for the week. For years, I’ve used Sunday as my day to both relax and get things done around the house. Establishing a Sunday reset routine is essential in setting the tone for a productive work week. By carving out dedicated time to rest while also tackling basic tasks on your free day, you’ll start your week less stressed and less overwhelmed.

In this post you’ll learn all about exactly what a Sunday reset routine is, what I do to prepare myself and my home for the week ahead, and how you can build a Sunday routine of your own.

What is a Sunday Reset Routine?

Yes, technically the week starts on Sunday, but for the most part, and for the sake of this post, most people’s unofficial week starts on a Monday.

A Sunday Reset is a weekly routine that includes a mix of productivity and relaxation so that you can start the rest of the week revitalized, focused, and organized.

If you search social media, you can find thousands of Sunday reset videos filled with restocking jars, meal prep, Sunday cleaning, and grocery shopping. However, a Sunday reset doesn’t just include chores and cleaning-related tasks. Rest is also a crucial part of productivity, so it’s important that your weekly reset also incorporates wellness aspects for your mind and body.

Camille Carter blogger doing a Sunday Reset Routine by arranging flowers

The Benefits of a Sunday Reset 

Sunday resets are important because they uniquely provide structure to accomplish concrete tasks as well as carve out important me-time time ahead of a full weekly schedule. It sounds counterintuitive to fill a “lazy Sunday” with structure, but oddly enough, a Sunday reset routine can help reduce stress.

Humans thrive on routine, and having one provides multiple advantages. Here are just some of the benefits of a Sunday reset:

  • Adds structure to your Sunday
  • Decreases general procrastination
  • Allows you to start the week already feeling accomplished
  • Provides dedicated time for mental health and self-care
  • Puts you in control of the upcoming week
  • Supports your overall well-being
  • Helps reduce stress or anxiety usually felt on Sunday night (AKA the Sunday Scaries)

My Sunday Reset Routine

The great thing about a Sunday reset is that there’s no specific routine that everyone must follow. A Sunday reset can always be in flux, depending on what you need each week.

Although the details of my reset routine may change depending on how busy my work week is or what my weekend plans are, here are the big things I do nearly every Sunday to prepare for the upcoming week:

1. Movement

Unless Matt and I have somewhere to be, we don’t set alarms on Sunday. We naturally still wake up early, so we go on a morning walk. Fresh air is invigorating and a walk allows me to gradually start the day without diving into a giant to-do list.

2. Grocery Shopping

On our walk, Matt and I try to meal plan for the week and then we visit the farmer’s market. Any extra items we need we pick up at the grocery store. I get a lot more excited about food at the farmer’s market and found that by shopping at one, I’m more inclined to stay excited about our meals during the week.

3. Tidy Up

As part of my Sunday reset, I always make sure I take an hour or so to tidy up around the house. If I’ve been exceptionally diligent throughout the week, sometimes this is a quick wipe of our kitchen counters and emptying the dishwasher.

But usually, I tidy up our entryway and my side of the closet.

Our entryway opens right into our living room, and I hate having clutter right when I open the door. I tidy the entryway, open boxes, and toss whatever junk may have accumulated on the entry table throughout the week. 

Then, I’ll grab any wandering shoes, jackets, etc., and give my closet a quick clean and declutter.

PRO TIP: Help keep your spaces tidy and organized on a regular basis by making sure everything has its own dedicated space

Charmed by Camille sharing Sunday Reset Routine

4. Add Flowers

I love having fresh flowers in the house, so I like to use Sunday to put together a bouquet for our entryway and use any leftover stems for the kitchen or bedroom.

5. Review My Day Planner

Every Sunday, I look at my phone calendar and day planner to mentally prepare for the week ahead. I write down meetings, appointments, and any important tasks I don’t want to forget. 

Organizing my day planner prior to the start of my work week when I am relaxed provides me with a big picture of the week ahead, allows me to mentally prepare for what I may have, and helps me see how I can manage my time through the next several days. 

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6. Relax & Pamper Time

Regardless of how many chores I have on a Sunday, I make sure to give myself some relaxation time. Sometimes this is in the form of cooking a new recipe I’ve been wanting to try, and other times it’s doing a full shower routine, hair mask, and all. 

Knowing that I have dedicated “me” time on the docket every Sunday helps me get through some of the less fun things earlier in the day. It’s the perfect reward at the end of the weekend and leaves me re-energized for Monday.

Tips for a Successful Sunday Reset Routine

Choose 4-6 items that include a mix of productivity tasks and self-care

For example, on Sundays, I grocery shop, empty the dishwasher and tidy up my closet (productivity tasks), but I also like to arrange fresh flowers and try to take a bath or give myself an at-home facial (feel-good self-care). 

Depending on what you have going on, a Sunday reset may take a few hours, or you could spread it out across your entire day.

Don’t pack your day

Leave some wiggle room for spontaneity so that your Sunday still feels like a Sunday. The trick here is to find the balance in giving yourself enough structure to feel accomplished while providing yourself with some weekend rest and relaxation.

Tackle the chore-type tasks in the morning

Chores tend to be the things we procrastinate on, so do those in the morning. You’re a lot more likely to find time at the end of the day for something you enjoy doing, then, let’s say, washing the dishes.

Take a look at the week ahead

Reviewing appointments, calls, meetings, and projects allows you to mentally prepare for Monday and the week ahead by providing you with a full picture of your weekly schedule. If you know what’s coming, you can properly block out work and personal time, and better manage your days.

Leave time to unwind 

Your Sunday reset routine should always include time for things that bring you joy. As you progress through your Sunday, make sure you provide yourself time to relax. You want to start the work week accomplished, but also well-rested.

Ideas and Rituals for Your Own Reset

Here are 30 ideas to help get you started building your own Sunday reset routine:

  1. Meal plan for the week
  2. Grocery shop
  3. Meal prep
  4. Wash fruits and veggies for easily accessible healthy snacking
  5. Clean out your fridge
  6. Declutter your pantry
  7. Restock any empty jars or spices
  8. Empty the dishwasher
  9. Clean the sink
  10. Do the laundry
  11. Wipe down counters
  12. Water your plants
  13. Tidy your desk for the workweek
  14. Tidy your entryway
  15. Organize your closet
  16. Plan your outfits for the week
  17. Review and update your day planner
  18. Arrange fresh florals
  19. Disinfect your phone
  20. Take out any miscellaneous trash or boxes
  21. Do an extra-long workout that you usually don’t have time for during the week
  22. Take a walk
  23. Call a loved one
  24. Give yourself an at-home facial
  25. Take a bath
  26. Give yourself a manicure
  27. Clean your makeup brushes
  28. Read
  29. Watch your favorite movie
  30. Write in a gratitude journal

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