DIY Eucalyptus Garland | HOW TO Step by Step

I’m all about simple holiday décor and today I’m sharing this easy DIY eucalyptus garland. Once I got the hang of things, this garland was actually very easy to make, and only requires a few of materials. The best part is you can make it now as a Thanksgiving centerpiece, or later to hang on your mantle for the holidays!

DIY Eucalyptus Garland | Charmed by Camille
DIY Eucalyptus Garland | Charmed by Camille

Unpopular opinion, but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. For two reasons. First, I’m one of the weirdos that absolutely loves the stress of cooking a full Thanksgiving meal from scratch. I love entertaining; from figuring out which side goes in which dish, to even printing mini dinner menus. Second, I also love Thanksgiving because I really love Christmas. I’ve always been super adamant about no Christmas anything, whatsoever, until Thanksgiving dinner is done.

Thanksgiving for me is almost like a two-in-one holiday; you get to celebrate it with a big old meal and by kicking off another one. (It’s a Thanksgiving tradition in my family to watch Home Alone while eating pumpkin pie to officially kick off Christmas.)

Although I’m anti-Christmas décor until Black Friday weekend, I do love simple, seasonal decorations around the home for fall. Enter this DIY eucalyptus garland. It’s perfectly festive and transitional without being full-blown Christmas. Here’s how to make it.

DIY Eucalyptus Garland

During the holiday season, it’s pretty easy to find seeded eucalyptus. You can pick it up at most local grocery stores. All of the other materials you can find online or at a craft store. I purchased my twine, wire, and wire cutters all at Michaels. My local Michaels offers curbside pickup, so I ordered and paid online, then grabbed it from my car.

I used a little over one bunch of eucalyptus for my DIY eucalyptus garland, then added the remainder to a bouquet.

What You’ll Need

  • Fresh seeded eucalyptus (the kind that looks like it has little green “berries”)
  • Floral shears or scissors
  • String of any kind (I like twine)
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters 

How to Make Your DIY Eucalyptus Garland

Start by spreading out each eucalyptus branch. Using your floral shears or scissors, start cutting off mini “branches” from the longer, big branch. These smaller branches are what you’ll string together. You can also cut off any weird bent branches or crazy stragglers.

Lay your string across one of your mini branches so it runs top to bottom. Leave a little bit of extra string at one end so you have some leeway for hanging your DIY eucalyptus garland. Do not cut the string; leave it on the spool.

Take the floral wire and wrap it around your branch/string. As you get about 2/3 done wrapping the branch in wire, layer in another branch to make your garland longer, and repeat aligning the string and wrapping the wire. Basically, you want the branches to overlap so there’s no empty space with the leaves and the garland looks as continuous as possible.

This may take a little time to get used to, but once you’re in the groove of wrapping the wire around your branch/string combo then it’s a relatively quick project!

Once you’ve achieved the length you want for your DIY eucalyptus garland, cut the wire with your wire cutters and the string, and you’re ready to decorate! The best part is you can make your garland as long or as short as you need.

I hung my garland over our mirror, but you can also place it on a mantle or even on a table as a centerpiece. 

If you end up trying this DIY eucalyptus garland, let me know how it goes!

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  1. 11.20.20

    This is too cute and I love eucalyptus! Thanksgiving is actually my favorite holiday too. It’s everything Christmas is without the stress of gifts. I want to try making this garland!


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