December Beauty Obsessions: Sheet Masks

Hi everyone! It’s the last Beauty Obsessions post of 2018! I would love to know how you’ve liked this monthly series as I plan and prep for content and special recurring posts for the upcoming year.

Today I’m talking about my favorite sheet masks. Sheet masks pack a serious punch of benefits to the skin since the product goes directly onto your face for a prolonged period of time. Think vitamins, hydration, serums, and all that good stuff soaking in while you do your thing.

So whether you’re heading to a party or to your couch on NYE, let these sheet masks be your BFF for 2019.

The Best Sheet Masks for Any Price Range, Joanna Vargas | Charmed by Camille
The Best Sheet Masks for Any Price Range | Charmed by Camille

Sheet masks are great for those who love to or need to multitask. You know when you’re watching TV or scrolling Instagram? You could also be practicing some serious skin care self love at the same time. I even like to throw on a sheet mask in the morning right after a shower while I’m drying my hair, making the bed, and picking out my outfit.

If you’re heading to a NYE party, throw on a mask an hour or so before you need to get ready/leave. Try a hydrating or firming mast to instantly energize your face before your big night out. (Also, great for the day after NYE – see below). If your big plans include eating ice cream on the couch, then find a quick 15-minute break to relax and think about New Year goals with a mask.

But don’t just limit these to the New Year. You can use sheet masks all year long and there are so many types of masks to address unique skin care concerns.

For example, I like to take eye masks and throw them on after a cross-country flight to reduce dark circles and puffiness. One day I also hope to be the very extra passenger who busts out a full sheet mask duringthe flight. (High altitudes deprive skin of oxygen, and sheet masks are a quick way to inject hydration and moisture back into the skin.)

If I feel like my skin is congested, then I’ll use a charcoal or detoxifying mask to help get the gunk out from under my skin. Sheet masks typically will tell you what they are for: brightening, firming, anti-aging, complexion, etc. so it’s pretty easy to pinpoint the one you need.

I try to get a sheet mask in once a week as just a general boost in my overall skincare. If I can really set aside actual me-time (aka not watch TV), I’ll run a bath, put one on, and read a chapter or two of a book to relax.


The Best Sheet Masks | Charmed by Camille

Here are some of my favorites:

Luxury sheet masks: Joanna Vargas

Joanna is a NYC and LA based celebrity esthetician that created her own cruelty-free line. She makes a variety of sheet masks but to me the best way to get a feel for all of them is to get the Glow to Go set. It features 5 masks that all do different things to get that perfect complexion. I use these when I have real time to relax since they are on the pricier side.

Luxury eye masks: Rodial

I first discovered these Rodial eye masks during my first Fashion Week when I basically had to get off a plane and go directly to events. These eye masks WORK, and I can’t leave LA without packing a couple of pairs. They are literally my secret weapon when I need to de-puff the under eye area and have no time to spare. I promise they are worth the money.

Mid-range sheet masks: Karuna

I love Karuna, specifically the Hydrating+ Face Masks. These were actually the first sheet masks I ever tried, and I still use them to this day. These are more affordable than the Joanna Vargas masks, and part of more of my weekly routine to add hydration into my skin.

Affordable/Drugstore sheet masks: YesTo, Sephora Collection, Bliss

While I love luxury skin care, I really love when I can find affordable products that work. When my skin feels particularly problematic, I’ll increase how many times I use a sheet mask each week. And that can get expensive! I like to save the fancy ones for monthly or weekly treats then alternate between masks from YesTo, Sephora Collection, and Bliss. I’m always so intrigued by sheet masks, and a lower price point means I can also try more of them.

Affordable Sheet Masks, Cucumber Sheet Masks | Charmed by Camille
Bliss Eye Masks | Charmed by Camille

Sephora Collection makes a handful of sheet masks, and I can always count on finding a Sephora when I’m traveling if I need a pick me up. I actually realized how great they were on a trip where I had no time to search for a specialty store and popped into the Sephora down the street.

When it comes to YesTo I really love the cucumber line. This is kind of ironic because I actually cannot stand the taste of cucumbers. But I’m totally fine with them when the facial lady puts them over my eyes. I love the cooling sensation cucumber provides, but I will never eat one. So weird, I know. Just let me live.

Bliss is a brand I’ve used for years. I love their tongue-in-cheek personality. Earlier this year they realized the most selfie-worthy sheet masks ever: holographic foil. Grab a friend, have a girl’s night, and enjoy these masks. Remember when I told you sheet masks were good the day after NYE or any long night out? They have a sheet mask literally called Hangover Fix that replenished the skin with electrolytes.

Affordable/Drugstore eye masks: Bliss

Another great find – the Bliss Eye Got This eye masks. I’m going to be totally honest here: they’re adorable. But they also work which of course is key. They help to de-puff and brighten under your eyes on the fly.

I have a whole drawer full of sheet masks, and to me these are the best of the best in each price range! They are simple to use and fit into your day while you cook, lounge, work etc. There’s really no excuse no to try them!

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