How to Get Naturally Glowing Skin – 9 Tips from My Esthetician

Skinimalism is in, AKA no more cakey, heavy makeup look. I’ve always been a fan of a natural glow, with simple, light-handed makeup. The secret to naturally glowing skin starts with consistent, good skin care habits.

Here are my 8 tips for naturally glowing skin, all given the stamp of approval from my esthetician Allison of No Filter Beauty:

How to Get Naturally Glowing Skin - 8 Tips from My Esthetician | Charmed by Camille

Tips for Naturally Glowing Skin

Double Cleanse at Night

Double cleansing is exactly what you think it is; cleansing twice. First, use an oil-based cleanser, then follow up with a water-based one. (I use Dermalogica PreCleanse as my oil cleanser.)

Oil attracts oil; oil cleansers melt away makeup, dirt, and excess oils from the your skin. This allows your second cleanser to penetrate into your skin and clean out your pores for a deeper cleanse.

If you’re looking to upgrade your overall skin care routine, see this post for Allison’s tips on how to give yourself an at-home facial.

Try Using a Facial Steamer

The heat from a facial steamer increases circulation in your skin, which helps to to give the appearance of rosy, glowing skin. (Read more about the benefits of using a facial steamer in this post.)

Exfoliate Your Way to Glowing Skin

Ever have congested or overall dull skin? That’s because you need to exfoliate. Exfoliation helps in cell turnover by sloughing away dead skin cells.

Look for products with both AHA and BHAs. AHAs help to gently remove the outermost layer or your skin over time, and responsible for that soft-to-the-touch feel. BHAs are able to exfoliate deeper into your skin, aiding in reducing congestion.

Although skin naturally exfoliates itself every single day, aging causes this process to slow down. Adding an exfoliating product into your skin care routine helps move this process along for brighter, smoother, glowing skin.

I like Drunk Elephant’s Babyfacial as a treatment once a week. I also love these Dr. Dennis Gross peel pads for more regular use.

Add Vitamin C to Your Skin Care Routine

Vitamin C products also help to get glowing skin. This powerhouse ingredient boasts a ton of skin care benefits, but notably brightens complexions and reduces dark spots from sun damage over time. The result? More even, youthful-looking skin.

Drink More Water

Water is nature’s gem to help naturally clear toxins from the body. It transports nutrients and oxygen to your skin cells, so when your body is dehydrated, it literally shows up on your face.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Practice on consistently getting enough sleep. Not only will this help you feel refreshed, you’ll also look it. When you’re tired, so is your skin!

Nighttime is also when your skin naturally repairs itself. It’s basically rejuvenating from the day while you sleep. You may also want to invest in a hydrating night serum or cream to penetrate into your pores overnight, so that you can wake up with hydrated, glowing skin.

Use an Ice Roller

If you didn’t get enough sleep and/or you’re just feeling generally puffy, use an ice roller to give yourself a facial massage. I use this ice roller from Amazon; it’s affordable and gets the job done.

Gently massage the roller over your face’s contours. Not only will the cool touch of the ice instantly revitalize dull skin, it’ll increase circulation of your lymphatic system to drain any puffiness from under your eyes or face.

Clean Your Phone

That little electronic device is a harbor of a ton of bacteria: table surfaces, food, dirty fingers… that all then touches the side of your face.

Glowing skin doesn’t necessarily mean blemish-free (hello, stress acne!) but you can definitely help minimize breakouts with a clean screen.

Boost Your Glowing Skin with Facials

As much as a consistent at-home skin care routine helps to get glowing skin, you should still make sure to regularly get a facial. Seeing an esthetician once a month or quarter ensures your skin receives the professional resurfacing and deep pore cleansing it just can’t get at home. This, combined with your home care items, will help to keep your skin glowing.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, book an appointment with Allison at her private facial studio located inside a collection of suites. She’s one of the only people I trust when it comes to my facials. Her place is so cute and relaxing, and you’ll leave with glowing skin!

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