How To Make A Breakfast Charcuterie Board

Isn’t it time you gave your weekend breakfast routine a little glow-up? The other day, I decided to indulge myself one lazy morning by making myself a breakfast charcuterie board complete with one of my favorite AM items, the waffle.

A breakfast charcuterie board is a fun way to celebrate holidays, showers, and birthday, or just any regular weekend. There are so many variations you can make, too!

A breakfast charcuterie board may sound intimidating, but it’s actually fun to make, fun to serve, and even better to eat.

How To Make A Breakfast Charcuterie Board | Charmed by Camille
How To Make A Breakfast Charcuterie Board | Charmed by Camille
How To Make A Breakfast Charcuterie Board | Charmed by Camille

How to Make a Breakfast Charcuterie Board

Choose the Star of Your Board

First, pick a main item that you want to be the focus of your board. For mine, I decided to go with a breakfast classic: waffles. If you’re feeling fancy you can make your waffles from scratch, but I went with a mix where I just had to add water and oil to keep things simple.

To start your board, place you starring item in the center. After all, it’s the main act of your breakfast charcuterie board! Everything else on your board will go around this item.

Other items to try: pancakes, bagels, cinnamon rolls

Add in a Secondary Item

Add in a secondary breakfast food item for some variety.

I didn’t want to overload on waffles, so I added in some mini croissants as another bread option to the waffles. I bought these mini croissants at Whole Foods.

Place your secondary item around the main star. I placed only a handful of these to take up some additional space on the board.

Other items to try: toast slices, mini muffins, pain au chocolat

Balance Your Breakfast Charcuterie Board with Something Savory

I typically gravitate toward the sweet side of things for breakfast, but not everyone does. Make sure you have some kind of savory option on your breakfast charcuterie board to provide balance. For me, that’s bacon.

I cut the bacon in half and stacked the slices to resemble a traditional charcuterie board.

Other items to try: breakfast sausage, savory scones, hard boiled eggs

Don’t Forget Condiments

Depending on what you serve, your condiments will vary. I added syrup for mine

Use little bowls here to add dimension and to break up the food. I love these tiny, decorative dip bowls from West Elm.

Other items to try: butter, jam, cream cheese, nutella, peanut butter

Fill in The Gaps with Freshness

The key to any beautiful board is to make sure it’s stuffed. My easy trick to ensure that for a breakfast charcuterie board is to pile on the freshness.

I sprinkled raspberries and blackberries to quickly fill in empty areas between the food, then added strawberries to the larger gaps and on the edges around the board.

I’ve also seen breakfast charcuterie boards with orange and grapefruit slices, so definitely don’t feel like you have to stick with just berries.

Other items to try: bananas, melon slices, grapes, kiwi

Voila! In total, my breakfast charcuterie board took me just under 30 minutes to make between crisping the bacon, making my waffles, and assembling everything. So long, boring weekend breakfast! This is my new obsession. Be sure to tag me on Instagram if your make your own breakfast board!

Be sure to also check out these fluffy blueberry muffins for another breakfast idea.

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  1. 3.8.21
    Nikki said:

    This looks absolutely delicious! I definitely need to give this a try! Would make my weekends so much better!

    • 3.8.21
      Camille said:

      You definitely should! It made a normal weekend feel a little more fun and fancy, but was super easy to do!

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