The Slip Skirt: One Piece, Two Ways #1

Hi! With the craziness of fashion week and then my online magazine release (have you seen it yet?) I am a little behind on “One Piece, Two Ways” for September. So, we are just going to have two of these this month. 🙃 Today and tomorrow’s post is all about how to style a slip skirt.

I asked on Instagram back in August what you’d want to see styled two ways, and a handful of you asked for my take on something you could wear now and later as the seasons transition. Thanks for the brilliant idea!

Okay, here’s how to style a slip skirt for now. Check back tomorrow to see how I cozy it up for later.

How to Style a Slip Skirt into Fall | Charmed by Camille
Fall Slip Skirt Outfit | Charmed by Camille
Navy Skirt Outfit | Charmed by Camille

I discovered the brand Lioness in early September; they are an Australian fashion brand. The stuff on their actual site is hit or miss, but Shopbop has a nicely curated selection of their pieces. Most of their stuff is right around $100, including this navy satin skirt that’s only $72. 

There’s no secret that I love a skirt and sneaker combo, so I styled the skirt here for what I would wear for every day. This is for those weird, “not summer, but not fall” days where it’s not too hot but not cold enough for pants. I love this look for a weekday when you want to look cute but also be comfy (hence the sneaks). It’s also perfect for the weekend and a casual lunch.

I bought these Veja sneakers earlier this year; they’re the perfect crisp white and they go with everything! FYI: at first they are a little stiff but over time they softened up. They’ve lasted all day multiple days in NYC without any irritation or blisters. 

How to Style a Slip Skirt into Fall | Charmed by Camille

But back to the star of this show, the skirt! I’m 5’4” and you can see that it hits me just perfect; no hemming needed. It’s super comfy with a hidden zip on the side, so you don’t have to worry about an elastic band that gets too tight over time. Navy is a great “goes with everything” color. It’s perfect with lighter shades as well as darker tones once we’re really in the thick of autumn.

To finish this easy look I topped it off with a plain t-shirt from Madewell (this one doesn’t stretch out!) and a denim jacket.

Shop the look below, then check back tomorrow to see how I switch things up and style this skirt another way tomorrow!



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