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You know I love any excuse to try and add new beauty products into my daily routine. I’m really excited today to partner with Swisse Wellness, an Australian company,  on two new things I’ve been incorporating into my life recently: their new jellies (more info below!) and a manuka honey cleansing clay mask. 

Swisse Wellness prides itself on making people healthier through clinically evidenced natural health products. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been more aware of the ingredients not only in foods but also in my beauty products. So I love that all of Swisse’s skincare products and their huge range of vitamins and supplements contain premium-quality, natural ingredients sourced around the world. (Available on Amazon, for your convenience!) 🙂

So, what’s up with these jellies and this face mask? Let me tell you.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I am a workout JUNKIE. I love the gym, I love group fitness classes, and I’m also a Lagree fitness instructor subbing at a Pilates studio here in LA. Between that, blogging, and freelancing, I’m on the go a lot. These jellies are tear and go supplements (think like one long gummy you squeeze out) so you can get what you need even with a busy lifestyle.

I’m already pretty much set in the vitamin/immunity department but was so intrigued by the Beauty Boost jellies. I mean, a product for a beauty boost (literally) with marine collagen, goji berry extract, aloe vera, and manuka honey that I can take to help get radiant skin from the inside out? SIGN. ME. UP.

Here are the benefits of these ingredients:

  • Marine collagen – decreases the appearance of fine lines by helping your skin in the restorative process for increased skin elasticity (as we age, elasticity in the skin decreases, making that saggy appearance) 
  • Goji berry extract – contains antioxidants to increase hydration and tighten/firm your skin
  • Aloe vera – keeps your body (and skin) hydrated from the inside out
  • Manuka honey – balances the skin’s pH level and has antibacterial properties to naturally keep skin clean

The ease of the jelly makes this a no-brainer decision to get that little extra something in my beauty routine, without adding a billion more steps to it.

But on days when my skin needs some immediate TLC, I’ll go for a face mask. My skin has been very dry lately thanks to numerous planes, cold locations, and the heater running. Thankfully Swisse Wellness makes a line of Australian clay masks, my favorite of which is the Manuka Honey Cleansing Mask for the reasons above but for overall added hydration, too. The mask contains charcoal, Australian kaolin clay, aloe vera, manuka honey and Red Algae which helps keep skin hydrated. This mask is also great for combination skin like mine since it has both nourishing and oil-absorbing ingredients.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that although the mask contains honey, it isn’t goopy, sticky, or overly thick. It’s a gray color and then as the mask dries, it lightens into a harder texture so you can rinse it with water. And on the other side of that, there’s no weird grainy texture since it’s clay; overall, it’s very smooth!

This mask was easy to apply, I just used my fingers and a little went a long way. There’s nothing worse than a mask where you have to use half of the tub, right? My favorite thing about this mask is the smell. YUM! This will definitely be a must for me when my skin needs a pick me up, and my jellies are already packed in my gym bag! Here’s to beauty boosting into the new year!

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