How to Not Get Sick this Fall and Winter

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Holiday stress is looming, temperatures are up and down, and everyone seems to be getting run down. It’s about to be the busiest time of year and it can take a toll on your immune system.

Somehow each year I’ve managed to avoid the crash and burn until after the holidays are over, so I figured I’d share my tips on how to not get sick this fall and winter. And because we’re human and can’t always be perfect when it comes to our immunity, I’m also sharing my favorite OLLY gummies I take when I need a little extra help.

De-Sanitize Like a Crazy Person

I know, this first point is pretty obvious in terms of “how to not get sick.” But it’s the first point for a reason, and that’s because of all the other sick people out there in the wild who didn’t do this… and got sick. De-sanitize on the regular, especially in crowded spots like the airport during holiday travels, the mall, and those holiday parties that your sick co-workers/friends refuse to miss.

I like to carry hand sanitizer with me because there’s nothing worse than being in a public situation where you’re forced to shake hands with someone who just sneezed on themselves two minutes prior, and there’s no sink nearby to wash your hands.

Another handy purse essential: tissues. (Honestly these are more for that sick person who didn’t bring their own, but sharing is caring and then they can at least cover their cough.)

Olly Vitamins, How to Not Get Sick | Charmed by Camille

Move Your Body

Here’s the irony with this point: if you’re sick, the internet says you’re actually supposed to do light to moderate exercise to keep your immune system in tip top shape. So, if you’re feeling under the weather, it actually may be beneficial for you to hop on the treadmill for a quick 30-minute walk. (Do you now see why you need to sanitize ALL OF THE THINGS here?!)

Working out also releases endorphins, which lowers stress. And high stress can lead to getting sick, so no matter how busy I am with holiday shopping or travel, I always try to get something in whenever I can.

Or, chew on these: OLLY Goodbye Stress gummies help you keep your calm while staying alert (aka no drowsiness). Sure, it may not be your weekly yoga class, but these help to counter the effects of mental stress and tension to make you overall jollier these last few months of the year.

Listen to Mom: Take a Jacket

Hot, cold, hot, cold. Constant change in temperatures can confuse your body, but with an extra layer on hand you’ll never be cold again.

Here in Los Angeles, the mornings and nights are always SO cold this time of year, but the days are hot. Instead of changing multiple times a day, I carry a neutral extra layer in my bag or have one in the backseat of my car, just in case.

Boost Your Immunity

I’m not a coffee drinker, but I always reach for tea in fall and winter. Not only does it warm you up, but tea helps to naturally energize (green, black) or calm (chamomile, lavender) your body depending on its needs. Plus, tea packs a boatload of antioxidants to help boost the immune system. 

While the holidays can be full of indulgent treats (which we all totally deserve, BTW) I like to be sure that when I’m not loading up on those, I try to reach for the good stuff: greens. Look for breaks in your calendar where you don’t have something to attend, then make a conscious effort to eat healthy that day. Or if you’re super busy, try to stop somewhere that offers healthy options with veggies.

When I’m on the go, I like to add OLLY Active Immunity into my morning routine. Think of these little gummies as your sidekick to keep your immunity strong. Vitamin C, Zinc, and Elderberry all work together to give that little extra boost you may need during this busy season.

Alfred Tea, How to Not Get Sick | Charmed by Camille

Olly Vitamins, How to Not Get Sick | Charmed by Camille

Get Your ZZZs

Here’s another easy “how to not get sick” tip: get enough sleep. A good night’s sleep not only refreshes you for the next day, but it’s your body’s prime time for building up infection-fighting anti-bodies. 

There’s a reason why part of the remedy of a cold is to sleep it off – that’s literally when your body can recover and fend of whatever virus you may have.

And when you’re in the thick of a busy season like this, it can be extra hard to get those quality ZZZs. Whenever I’ve had a long day and I just need that good night’s sleep, I reach for OLLY Sleep gummies. I swear, whenever I take these, I find that I really do feel more refreshed the morning after, even if I don’t sleep a full 8 hours. (These gummies of course should not be used in replacement of a good sleep, but melatonin helps promote sleepiness and chamomile naturally soothes and relaxes the body.)

Here’s to keeping it healthy straight into 2020.



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