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It seems like every time I go to New York City, regardless of the season, I always find myself saying, “There’s nothing like NYC in the ____.” But there’s something particularly great about it in the summer. I love that the nights stay warm and you can be in shorts or a breezy dress at 8pm. I love a rooftop bar. I love frozen rosé.

A little bit of humidity is great for a nighttime walk in your summer clothes, but during the day it can be a doozy. I like some humidity, but wow was it bad when I was back there. (I fact-checked this with multiple people who live back east to confirm that I was not being a California baby, BTW.) Needless to say, it’s really important that during the day I wore pieces that kept me comfortable.

Striped Linen Shirt | Charmed by Camille

Striped Linen Shirt | Charmed by Camille

Striped Linen Shirt | Charmed by Camille

Enter this linen blend striped top from Splendid. Its slightly oversized silhouette makes it airy, and linen is the perfect material when you want to keep cool. I love this striped linen shirt because you can actually get two looks out of it. I tied it here, but it looks equally as cute with a pair of slim jeans and half-tucked into them. Starting now, linen is officially going to be my go-to fabric for summer in the city. If you’re reading this and thinking, “So she’s going back to NYC this summer again?” The answer is yes. 🙂

People in LA don’t walk, so I try to enjoy the NYC streets as much as I can when I’m there. I don’t really do heels unless I can get from point A to point B fairly quickly. Plus heels and cobblestone Soho streets are a recipe for disaster, if you ask me. I picked up these white pointed flats so that I could wear something other than sneakers, but still feel stylish. The white keeps them fresh and summery, and they go well with a casual denim look like this outfit as well as a sundress.

I also finally caved into the fanny pack movement after seeing this exact suede bag on another blogger who wore it like cross body. I tried to look as cool as her but it didn’t work, so I just wore it like a shoulder bag. If you really want to go hands free it does look pretty fashionable on your hips, and you don’t have to worry about going in and out of your traditional purse.

Striped Linen Shirt | Charmed by Camille

Striped Linen Shirt | Charmed by Camille

Striped Linen Shirt | Charmed by Camille

Businesses on the east coast don’t really turn their spots into ice chests like they do out here, but I always try to carry a jacket or light sweater just in case I get chilly. Or if it starts raining and i need a quick cover. This summer I’ve upgraded my medium blue denim jacket to this lightweight, light blue one. I am OBSESSED. Quick note though, size up as it’s pretty slim. I’m wearing a medium here.

I’ll be really honest: white shorts were probably not my best decision for NYC. I knew better, but I was really hell-bent on wearing this striped shirt with white shorts. So this day was a non-subway day where I mostly walked around to shop or took a taxi to save them. First world problems, I know. This exact pair is by AG but you can find a more affordable version here.

This was one of my favorite looks in NYC, but I’ll probably switch out the flats in LA for sandals because that’s how we do it over here on the west coast.

Also note to self: buy more linen pieces ASAP.


Striped Linen Shirt | Charmed by Camille

Striped Linen Shirt | Charmed by Camille

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