Roundup: 20 Cute Pajamas To Keep Your “More Sleep” Resolution

Do your resolutions include a little more time for sleep and self care? Today’s round up post is about upgrading your special “me” time with some cute pajamas. 

Look, I know you’ve probably watched every episode of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, so toss those old concert t-shirts and mismatched pants and trade them in for a coordinating set.

You want to know how I know I’m getting older? When pajamas spark joy for me. #adulting

No but seriously, if you want to feel even slightly put together right when you wake up, it’s crazy how a set of cute pajamas can really change the game. You woke up like this? Yes, you sure did.

Below are 20 jammies to inspire you to keep those resolutions of washing your face every night and getting those 8 hours of sleep.

Some of my favorites include:

This set I’m wearing in the photo above from Splendid. These are lightweight and the fabric is drapey, so they are beyond SUPER comfy. I’m wearing a small, and they run TTS.

The banana leaf print on this set has me thinking about a tropical vacation and sunshine! (Especially because I’m writing this while it rains outside.) Plus you can’t beat the fun color combo of green and pink – so retro!

These pajamas that have eyelashes on them! And for $25 a major, major steal, no?

Nothing says deluxe nighttime like a pair of leopard print pajamas. Love these for myself but also make a great gift if you have any upcoming birthdays. I bought a similar pair for my friend Karlee recently, actually! The print is a classic and will never go out of style.


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