Beauty Obsession: Facial Oils and Serums for Winter

Is your skin feeling the effects of winter yet? Yeah, I thought so. In this month’s edition of Beauty Obsessions, I’m sharing a handful of facial oils and serums to add to your winter skin care routine.

There are a handful of reasons why someone might use a facial oil or serum, but generally they help with hydration. Some even contain vitamins to add an extra dose of goodness to your skin.

When the skin is dry, this leads to premature aging and fine lines. When the skin is plump and hydrated, fine lines are less noticeable and you have a more youthful glow. Honestly, why wouldn’t you want that?

I don’t use facial oils/serums all the time, but when my skin is dry – especially in the winter –  it can use a little help.

I dabble here and there between what I use depending on my skin concern, but you can either use these alone or by mixing into a moisturizer and applying in one step. For serums and heavier oils, I use those at night so that they can absorb into my skin while I’m sleeping. Otherwise, I’ll opt for a lightweight oil during the day.

PRO TIP: Facial oils are not just for people with dry skin. In fact, there are many oils out there that use ingredients to help balance oily and acne-prone skin. When you try to strip oily skin of its oil, it’ll actually make your skin go all crazy. Sometimes that can actually make things worse. So if you’re oily and hesitant to try these, don’t rule them out just yet.

For acne and oily skin, try this Lapis Facial Oil by Herbivore Botanicals.  Using Blue Tansy, this oil helps to soothe irritated, blemished skin and also helps to balance existing natural oil. 

Herbivore is a brand I’m new to trying, and I got this sampler set from my childhood best friend for Christmas.  It contains the Lapis Oil mentioned above, but also Phoenix (for super dry skin), and Orchid (for all skin types looking for an all over glow – good for daytime!). It’s a great set if you’re new to facial oils, don’t want bad ingredients, and want to figure out what works for you. It’s also great for year-round use because your skin changes with seasons, requiring different items for each.

You know I love my Lancer products and so I can’t have this post without mentioning Omega Hydrating Oil. (Yep, that’s me on the Sephora website in that video!) This is a versatile oil that you can use day or night. During the day I like to mix it in with my moisturizer. Featuring omega fatty acids, this oil improves the overall appearance skin elasticity. It makes skin look bouncier and younger. If you’re sensitive to smells then I recommend this oil – there is hardly any scent to it so it’s great for picky noses.

I’m a big fan of Eve Lom’s balm cleanser, so was thrilled when I got their Radiance Facial Oil. It’s NOT a dry oil, but it almost feels that way to me because it absorbs so quickly into the skin. Vitamin C helps to fight free radicals and calms skin, so this would be great for any skin type that needs soothing from winter.

These next two aren’t necessarily facial oils, but I’m sharing them with you anyway.

I love this Joanna Vargas Rejuvenating Serum and use it before bed. Since it’s a serum, it’s a little heavier than my daytime oils. Neroli Oil increases circulation and helps in releasing toxins. I like let this marinade overnight for a less puffy face in the AM. Don’t forget your neck!

If you’re looking for a no-frills way to simply add moisture, then you can’t go wrong with plain hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid holds 1,000 times its weight in water, adding hydration to dry skin. Note that this is not oil but simply another way to add extra moisture. Also, you really can’t beat the price here. The Ordinary is an affordable skin care line built upon single ingredients/solutions that you mix and match based on concern.

Like I mentioned above, adding in natural oils helps balance out the skin, regardless of your skin type. You actually want oil for your skin – that’s what keeps it youthful and glowing! Drier skin types are prone to age earlier since they naturally don’t have much oil. But oily skin types also require oil, too. Often times oily skin is a product of being dehydrated since the skin is going into overdrive to balance things.

Especially in the winter when temperatures are harsh and that heater is running, even the most moisturized skin can dry out. A few drops of a facial oil or serum each day will help hydrate that dry winter skin and prevent fine lines, so what are you waiting for? Get your glow on, girl!


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