Palm Springs Packing Checklist for Summer

It is HOT in Palm Springs right now, so packing the right pieces for a summer trip there is essential. Today on the blog, I’m sharing everything I packed for our Palm Springs weekend vacation. Consider it your Palm Springs packing checklist for summer.

Despite the fact that I’m a gal who loves clothes and photographing my outfits, I’ve always been a pretty light packer. I try to pack the least amount of items required, probably because unpacking is one of my least favorite tasks in the universe.

I am all about packing versatile pieces you can use in multiple ways or wear more than once. This Palm Springs packing checklist contains just the essentials so you can spend more time by the pool and less time worrying about your outfit.

P.S. Don’t forget a good book!

(If you’re looking for where to stay in Palm Springs – check out this post!)

Palm Spring Packing Checklist for Summer | Charmed by Camille

Palm Springs Packing Checklist

Duffel Bag

Not all duffel bags are created equal. The folks at Dagne Dover really thought about functionality with their bags. They sell multiple duffel sizes, but I figured the most versatile was the large weekender due to size. I’d rather have a larger bag half empty, than a fully stuffed bag with strained zippers.

This duffel features multiple interior pockets designed for computers, small personal belongings, etc along with it’s main interior section. It comes with two separate pouches that connect to an interior leash, which also conveniently serves as a key leash so you don’t lose them. They really thought of all of the things here, including an exterior phone pocket for easy access and back slits that allow the bag to slide over a luggage handle. (Plus it’s stylish! Yes to stylish, minimalist luggage!)

Toiletry Bag

Per the above, I’m a total organization geek. I got this toiletry bag last Christmas from The Daily Edited. You can monogram it or leave it plain. Since it’s clear and two-sided, you can see exactly what you packed and access what you need much quicker than rifling through a makeup pouch.

Pool Bag

Palm Springs is a pretty casual town. It’s in the middle of the desert, after all, so you really don’t need to bring multiple purses or anything like that. Plus, if you’re going to PS in the summer, you’ll most likely be at the pool all day, anyway. I like to pack a chic woven pool bag, then use it as a tote/purse for when I go into town.

Lightweight Dress

In 100+ degree heat, the less and lighter, the better. A lightweight dress keeps you cool, and you can always throw it on as a cover up after you wear it. I wore this white puff sleeve dress to dinner on Saturday.

Comfy Jean Shorts

Don’t even think about wearing jeans in Palm Springs in the summer. Pack a pair of comfortable jean shorts instead. I don’t have to state the obvious here, but I will: you can wear these more than once with a different top. I personally like white jean shorts for summer, but your favorite blue pair will work, too.

Tank Top

Pack a tank top or two for those low-key days when you have a casual lunch or you’re just hanging out by your hotel at night. When we got home from dinner I immediately changed into a tank and my shorts for something comfier. I always like to have an extra “safety” top for lounge moments or if I spill on something.

Palm Spring Packing Checklist for Summer | Charmed by Camille

Swim Suit

Don’t forget a swim suit! If you’re in Palm Springs for the weekend, you really only need 1 – 2 suits max. I say 2 suits in case you’re that person that doesn’t like to put on a damp suit. I found that since it was so hot, my suit dried pretty quickly outside, but a girl needs options I guess, right? (Top here; bottoms here.)


The sun is bright, and there’s nothing worse for your eyes (or wrinkles) than squinting through it all day. Pack sunglasses! These tortoise sunglasses from Madewell are under $100.

I always like to pack tortoise sunglasses on trips because of the black and brown combo. (AKA, regardless of what I wear, the sunglasses match.)

Pool Slides

These white Birkenstock pool slides arrived the day before they left. I love them so much I wore them around town, too. They’re made from an ultra-lightweight, waterproof material (somewhere between a foam and plastic) and the perfect pool slide. Plus they’re super affordable and under $50!

Bonus points because the footbed didn’t get hot and burn my feet!

Summer Slides

Pack a neutral pair of summer slides or sandals for when you’re not at the pool. I like these woven slides because they go with everything.

Oversized Graphic Tee

Graphic tees are such an easy way to elevate a plain t-shirt, and they provide automatic edge. I love this desert-inspired tee; it’s a little more Coachella than retro glam, but it’s lightweight and breezy.

Sun Protection

Honestly, SPF might be the most important thing on my Palm Springs packing checklist. It’s is a must, all day, every day there. I use Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen as my facial SPF for everyday use because it’s clear and also serves as a makeup primer. When I’m by the pool, I use Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defense, which is more like a traditional facial sunscreen.

For my body, I like SunBum’s SPF spray. It doesn’t smell *too* sunscreen-like and keeps me protected. You can find this at Target.

Straw Hat

Ever since working at Dermalogica, I’ve been more and more cautious about sun exposure on my face. A hat is a must for me anytime I’m laying out, even in my backyard. I like a straw hat because it tends to be more breathable than a cloth hat. Wear by the pool (duh) but also as a cute accessory when you’re shopping.


Other than maybe your hat, a bandana is *the* ultimate desert accessory. It’s such an easy throw-on to make your t-shirt or tank instantly more stylish. It also serves as a great little face cover if you go on a hike and run into a dust storm.

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