New NARS Fall Collection and Lip Swatches

The NARS fall collection is so pretty, I wanted to pop in here really quickly to show it to you! It’s a small collection, featuring just two eyeshadow quads, a new brow defining tool, and a lip palette. Although it’s a tiny collection, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Nars Fall Collection | Charmed by Camille

Nars Fall Collection | Charmed by Camille

To me the star of the collection is the lip palette. Named after the 7 Deadly Sins, the palette features a range of shades from nudes to a bright red, all the way to a dark plum. It’s actually a really versatile palette and I think the shades will look good on probably all skin tones. I couldn’t wait to dive in and try them so I made a video showing you all of the lipsticks on myself so you could get an idea of what they look like outside of the palette. Enjoy!


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