My Favorite Outdoor Dining Table Decor Ideas Under $50

It’s officially outdoor dinner party season! Eating al fresco is one of my favorite things about summer, especially when it’s with family or friends. Having a stylish entertaining set up doesn’t have to be expensive. I’m sharing my favorite outdoor dining table decor ideas, all under $50.

When it comes to hosting, regardless of the season, the key is to keep things stress-free and fun.

Stock up on a few outdoor dining decor essentials now so that you’ll always be prepared for any last minute and impromptu get togethers. (In my opinion, those usually make for the best parties, anyway.)

Below you’ll find my favorite outdoor dining table décor ideas – all under $50.

My Favorite Outdoor Dining Table Decor Ideas Under $50 | Charmed by Camille
My Favorite Outdoor Dining Table Decor Ideas Under $50 | Charmed by Camille

Outdoor Dining Table Decor Under $50

Gray Linen Tablecloth - Outdoor Dining Table Decor Under $50 | Charmed by Camille

Linen Tablecloth

A tablecloth is the simplest way to set the stage for any outdoor dinner party. I love to use a linen tablecloth for the summer, and this gray is a nice neutral. (For round tables, try a square table cloth for a more modern feel.)

Low Glass Vase

Flowers are an easy centerpiece for any dinner party. I like this low profile glass vase so that guests don’t have to crane their necks to one side or the other and can chat over it.

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Stylish Citronella Mosquito Repellant Candle - Outdoor Dining Table Decor Under $50 | Charmed by Camille

Citronella Candle

While my husband never seems to get mosquito bites in the summer, I’ve been blessed with the opposite problem. I don’t love the idea of smelling like bug spray when guests are over, so I like to have citronella candles on hand to ward off mosquitos. Candles always provide nice mood lighting; this is multitasking outdoor dining table decor at its best.

Outdoor Dining Table Decor Under $50 | Charmed by Camille

Food Tent

This isn’t the most glamorous outdoor dining table decor, but it’s practical and often overlooked. Nobody wants bugs swarming around unattended food, so consider stocking up on a few food tents to cover and save your burgers.

Melamine Dishes

I prefer melamine to traditional ceramic plates for outdoor dining table decor. These lightweight dark gray plates are easy to carry from the kitchen to the patio, but the best part is that they look like stoneware.

Stoneware Dishes

If you do prefer real dishes for your outdoor dining, these beautiful gray stoneware dishes are my pick! They’re minimal and modern but easily go with a variety of decor styles.

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Affordable Gold Flatware - Outdoor Dining Table Decor Under $50 | Charmed by Camille

Gold Flatware

I think gold flatware is so chic, and if it weren’t for our very white and silver kitchen, I’d own a gold set myself. (We do have gold flatware in our NYC apartment and I love it.) This set offers everything you need for four people for only $35.

Acrylic Tumblers

Although you can use acrylic tumblers for water, these also double up as cocktail glasses. Serve up a spicy margarita or refreshing raspberry lemon drop. The dots on these are fun and playful for summer.

Acrylic Stemless Wine Glasses

I love any stemless glassware because it really helps to avoid spills, plus you have peace of mind over no broken glass thanks to the acrylic. Cheers!


Another underrated outdoor dining table decor pieces is a pitcher. Keep your guests (and yourself) hydrated by having a filled pitcher on hand. This also prevents everyone from trampling in and out of your house all evening.

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Drink Dispenser

Whip up a large batch cocktail recipe inside of a drink dispenser to keep the libations flowing. If using for water, I like to add some lemon slices to make it look pretty.

Serving Tray

This is an outdoor dining table decor piece you’ll use again and again. This wooden serving tray makes it super easy to carry items back and forth to your table. Load up your plates, glasses, and flatware in one trip for easy setup. It also double up as a decorative piece when you don’t need it for entertaining.

Black and White Serving Dish - Outdoor Dining Table Decor Under $50 | Charmed by Camille

Serving Dish

There’s something nice and casual about outdoor dining, because often it’s served family style. Skip any fancy individual plating and stock up on a few pretty serving dishes that double up as outdoor dining table decor.

Decorative Salad Servers

Serve up a big old summer salad in style with some decorative but functional servers. I think these are so chic!

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