Head to Toe Monochromatic Pink

I’m really trying to make a conscious effort to work more color into my wardrobe this spring. I’m not one to just throw on a bunch of patterns or loud things, and so my version of color is still pretty simple – monochromatic pink from head to toe.

Read on about this look and shop everything in these photos at the very bottom of this post.

Monochromatic Pink | Charmed by Camille

Monochromatic Pink | Charmed by Camille

Pink is my favorite color, but I never really wear it in the “real world.” If I do wear it, it’s usually as a workout top or some random accessory. I have a pink gym bag, water bottle, work notebook, pajamas… you get the point. But when it comes to my closet? Pink is totally one of the smallest sections in there.

These pink joggers from Club Monaco are perfect. While they’re pink, they lean more on the nude side and so you can really use them as a neutral to match with a ton of stuff. Navy, olive, and of course the usual white and black would all go with these lightweight pants.

Monochromatic Pink | Charmed by Camille

However, my absolute FAVORITE part of this outfit and really the catalyst for wearing all pink are my shoes. I recently bought these in New York City back in March. I decided to treat myself to a shopping trip and buy one nice thing. It was down to these and another pair that were very practical pointed toe flats. I decided that I’ve been really good about buying “practical” shoes lately and just went for these ones.

Monochromatic Pink | Charmed by Camille

They’re definitely over the top with the jewels and the pleats, but they make every simple outfit instantly more fun. I mean, you could just have boyfriend jeans and a white t-shirt on, and with these shoes you have an outfit.  They come in a couple of other colors but this shade felt nice and perfect for spring.

Monochromatic Pink | Charmed by Camille

I was a little surprised that even stepping outside of my box with color, I felt totally comfortable. It’s really important when trying new things with your wardrobe, to make sure the pieces are still you. Like I said above, I’m not a print person and so I made sure that whatever pink things I did find, they were still plain. I personally wouldn’t wear colored jeans (sorry, I’m just a huge fan of good, true blues) and so I looked high and low for non-denim bottoms that I knew I’d feel comfortable and confident in. There’s nothing worse than trying something new and from the get-go not feeling YOU in it.

What are you trying new for spring?


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