Castañer Espadrilles Review: The Carina Espadrille

Looking for a classic espadrille to add to your wardrobe? When it comes to timeless summer footwear that effortlessly combines comfort and style, the brand that you need to know is Castañer. With a rich heritage spanning over 90 years, Castañer has become synonymous with the quintessential summer shoe — the espadrille.

Castaner Espadrilles Review
Castaner Espadrilles Review

Originating from Catalonia, Spain, Castañer has been around since 1927. The brand’s foundation is built on craftsmanship with natural materials, drawing inspiration from its Mediterranean surroundings. However, it wasn’t until a meeting with Yves Saint Laurent in 1970 put them on the map when they created the first espadrille wedges.

These espadrilles defined French fashion during that time, and today Castañer espadrilles are a classic summer shoe staple worn around the world. You’ll find espadrilles everywhere from French Riviera style with flowing dresses all the way to Martha’s Vineyard with crisp whites and nautical stripes.

In this post I’m sharing all about my Castañer Carina espadrilles, why I love them, and why I think they’re the perfect shoe for summer.

Castañer Espadrilles Review: Carina Espadrille Wedge

The most popular and well known Castañer espadrille is the Carina espadrille. 

This shoe comes in three different heel heights:

  • 60mm: lower for more everyday wear
  • 80mm: that perfect, in-between wedge for added height
  • 100mm: with a higher platform, for extra height and a fashion forward look

I wanted to start with something on the lower side, so I have the 60mm espadrille in ivory. I’m admittedly not great at walking in higher shoes, but I have not found an issue with these. And the wedge heel keeps you extremely stable, even in the uneven streets of New York City. 


The 60mm is a good height if you live in a walking city or you’re visiting a walking city. I wouldn’t necessarily go sightseeing all day in them. But I can walk several blocks in them without feeling like my foot is on an incline.

I also ended up purchasing the 80mm in black because I wanted something a little higher as an option. Off the foot, there isn’t too much of a difference between the 60mm and 80mm. But when you put them on, I do think that the 80mmm ends up looking a little fancier due to the higher heel. They feel a little different, but not by much.

Even at 80mm, the heel height isn’t unrealistically high. And I can walk normally in them and not worry about twisting an ankle. The 60mm and 80mm styles both have a .5-inch platform, so the weight of your foot is well distributed on the wedge. (The 100mm has a 1-inch platform.)

There’s some decent padding in the footbed to keep your foot cushioned. However, if you’re looking for a summer shoe with arch support, this isn’t going to be the shoe for you.

Usually in the summer, my feet get way too hot for any closed toe shoe. But since these are made from cotton and jute (AKA natural, breathable materials!), I have yet to feel suffocated in them.


I am a true size 7 and wear the size 37.

At first, I felt like this espadrille was a little narrow. I actually purchased these a while back and returned them for this exact reason. However, through other reviews, lots of research, and now my own experience, I can confirm that they do open up a little and you want them snug at first.

The cotton will open up a little bit overtime, but not so much where you need to size up unless you have wider feet, or the shoe feels uncomfortable. I have a relatively “normal” foot width and these espadrilles fit snug right out of the box but did give in a smidge to my natural foot shape as I’ve worn them.

Unfortunately, half sizes aren’t available in this shoe. If you are a half size, I’d suggest ordering your closest sizes and walking around each in your house for a bit to see how you like them. I’d probably recommend sizing down just because with any heel your foot tends to slide forward over time, and you don’t want to end up with a shoe that’s too big on you. 

Are Castañer Espadrilles Worth It? 

If you’re looking for a timeless, elevated summer shoe that isn’t a sandal, then yes, Castañer espadrilles are worth it.

I love these shoes, admittedly a lot more than I expected. These espadrilles are comfortable, easy to walk in, and easy to style. Especially if you’re like me and wear a lot of dresses in the summer. The unique mix of casual, natural materials with the wedge heel creates that perfect “in between” summer shoe when you want to look put together and polished without being overly dressy or too casual. 

As I’ve gotten older, I have tried to be more thoughtful with my purchases. Lately I’ve been investing in key items with more of a classic style. These kinds of pieces are timeless for a reason – not only will they work with what’s in your closet for years, but you can also incorporate them with trendier items and accessories that may have a shorter shelf life.

Despite being a timeless footwear option, the investment in Castañer Carina wedges is a lot lower than you may think.

Unlike designer stilettos and quality leather handbags, these espadrilles are under $200, ranging between $140 – $170 depending on heel height. Not bad for a pair of shoes that have been in style since the 1970s, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. If anything, French and classic styles are now more popular than ever.

I initially purchased the 60mm Carina espadrilles in the ivory color. The neutral tone of the jute with the slightly off-white shade of the canvas really makes these a shoe that can go with every color and works on every skin tone. I found myself reaching for my espadrilles more often that I thought I would. So I bought a black 80mm pair shortly thereafter. 

The difference between the 60mmm and 80mm height on these shoes is so subtle, I actually thought I had the 80mm in both pairs until I wrote this post. Both heights look just about the same and they’re both really comfy. But the 20mm difference with in lower pair is obviously a tad comfier.

The only tricky thing about these may be learning tie the laces so they don’t slide down. Just do a quick search on Google or YouTube on how to tie espadrilles. That’s what I did and after a few tries I haven’t had any issues with loose or droopy laces.

Where to Buy Castañer Espadrilles

You can find Castañer espadrilles at several retailers, so if that isn’t a testament to their classic style, I don’t know what is!

Here’s where you can find Castañer espadrilles:

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