Everything You Need For A Spa Day At Home

I am a big proponent of frequently setting time aside for yourself frequently for self-care. For me, this can range from a variety of things. It could be as small as reading a book in the morning without any distractions or something bigger like a 90-minute massage. If you don’t have the time for a full, elaborate spa day, don’t worry. Today I’m sharing how you can still relax with a few at home spa essentials and several ideas for the perfect spa day at home. 

Everything You Need For A Spa Day At Home, DIY Spa Day | Charmed by Camille
Everything You Need For A Spa Day At Home, DIY Spa Day | Charmed by Camille

As much as I love treating myself to a massage or a facial, these services are expensive and really add up over time. I try to budget for a proper spa treatment about every other month, but in between these appointments, I make my bathroom a relaxing haven for a DIY spa day.

And before you can make any excuses, you do NOT need a full day, or even a full hour, to enjoy a spa day at home. Even 15 to 20 minutes of quiet time can give you a little moment of zen, you just need the right tools and products. I usually set aside time for this once times a month, but I’m working to make mini spa days a bi-monthly or even weekly habit.

You can click on any of the items in the collage below. There’s also a check list at the bottom of this post that you can save to Pinterest for later!

Everything You Need For A Spa Day At Home

At-Home Spa Accessories

A Nice Robe

Invest in a nice robe. There’s something luxurious about putting on a nice, hotel-style robe before or after a shower, and owning one will instantly enhance your home spa experience. Barefoot Dreams CozyChic robes are worth the hype and the splurge; I’ve had mine for several years now and it’s perfect for cool weather or if you just love feeling cozy after a shower or bath. If you think you’ll get too hot in something fuzzy, you can’t go wrong with an airy silk robe.

Quality Bath Towels

Upgrade your bath towels. Nice towels are pricey, but they’ll last longer than cheaper alternatives, and they’re something you use every single day. Even if it’s not a dedicated at home spa day, you can still have a moment of luxury after every shower with a set of nice towels

A Soothing Playlist

One super easy – and free – way to turn your bathroom into a peaceful spa haven is to pull up a relaxing playlist. Spotify has a handful of playlists; just search for “spa” and you’ll see them pop up. Soothing music, even when you’re doing your nightly skincare routine, is a great way to promote stress relief.

Bath Salts, Bath Bombs, or Bubble Bath

If you’re taking a bath (more on this below), I love using bath salts, a bath bomb, or some bubble bath. I also LOVE an Epsom Salt bath after to prevent soreness after working out and to reduce general swelling.

How To Make Your Home Smell Like A Spa


Look for scents like sandalwood, eucalyptus, or lavender. Anthropologie Capri Blue candles are always great, but I also love Nest candles and Diptyque’s Baies scent.

Essential Oils

As an alternative to a candle, try diffusing essential oils. This collection of calming diffuser blends is perfect for your spa day at home. Here’s my pick for an affordable essential oil diffuser.

Fresh Eucalyptus in Your Shower

You. Guys. Eucalyptus in the shower is next level. It’s easy and affordable, and there is really nothing like inhaling fresh eucalyptus during a long hot shower. Bonus points because you can leave your eucalyptus hanging until it dries out for multiple uses.

Shower Spray

If you’re short on time for your at-home spa day and don’t have eucalyptus, try plan b: shower steam spray. Simply spray toward the floor of your shower, and the scent will slowly rise as it meets the steam from the hot water. The result? Instant aromatherapy to take even the quickest spa day showers to the next level.

Everything You Need For A Spa Day At Home, DIY Spa Day, Summer Fridays, Best Face Masks | Charmed by Camille

Everything You Need For A Spa Day At Home, DIY Spa Day, Sheet Masks | Charmed by Camille

At-Home Spa Day Ideas

Take a Long Hot Bath or Shower

Turn on the hot water and draw yourself a nice warm bath or shower. I personally love a warm water bath, but if you don’t have a tub or baths aren’t your thing, then draw out your shower so that it’s longer than the one you normally do. The whole point here is not to rush, and to take out some slow time for yourself.

Give Yourself an At-Home Facial

If you can’t make a facial appointment, next best thing is to give yourself a facial at home. Line up your full skin care routine, do it from start to finish, and end by giving yourself a mini facial massage to boost circulation. You can even add in some eye masks.

Add in a Facial Steamer

To take your at-home facial to the next level for your spa day, use a facial steamer.

Other than providing a totally relaxing spa-like experience, steaming opens up your pores, allowing skin care products to better penetrate so that they can work to their fullest potential.

A facial steamer provides several skin care benefits, including hydration, exfoliate, and better penetration of your serums and skincare products.

Apply Hair Mask

While you’re relaxing in your tub or shower, or while you’re giving yourself a facial, multitask by throwing on a hair mask. Let it sit, then rinse whenever you’re ready. One of my favorite hydrating hair masks is this hair mask from UNITE.

Use a Face Mask

Set aside a few minutes for your favorite face mask. Although I try to do a face mask weekly, sometimes life makes me forget. So, whenever I do a spa day at home, a face mask is always part of my routine.

A favorite of mine is Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask, which helps to hydrate dehydrated or dry skin. I’m also a huge fan on sheet masks! Here are some of my favorites:

Exfoliate Your Skin with Body Scrub

For a full body at-home spa day, add a body scrub into the mix. Exfoliating your body regularly not only feels nice, but it helps slough away any dead skin cells for soft skin.

Here are a few of my favorite body scrubs:

Sunday Riley Charcoal Smoothie Jelly Body Scrub

Use a Dry Brush

Dry brushing helps to exfoliate your skin, while increasing circulation to help your body detox naturally. 

Start at your feet and work up toward your heart, using circular motions with medium pressure.

Protect Your Lips with Hydrating Lip Balm

Don’t forget to give your lips the TLC they deserve. Treat them to an overnight lip mask; I have super chapped lips and this lip treatment is one of the only products that has saved them. 

Sip Water or Tea

Finish your spa day at home with water or a hot cup of tea. Be sure to replenish and hydrate your body from any detoxing with lots of liquids. If you’re doing your spa day in the evening, try calming chamomile tea before bedtime.

More At-Home Spa Day Activities

You can also turn your 15 – 20 minutes into a full-fledged at home spa day by incorporating morning facial ice rolling, scalp massages, DIY manicures and pedicures, and even a virtual sound bath or meditation before you go to bed. Regardless of how you choose to do your spa day at home, I hope you end the day on a high note, and relaxed. And when you’re done, go ahead and book that facial or massage to keep your self-care momentum going. You deserve it!

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At Home Spa Day Checklist

at home spa day checklist

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