How Style Leather Pants + 13 Leather Pants Outfits for Fall and Winter

If you don’t have leather pants in your closet, it’s time you buy a pair. If the first thing you think of when you hear “leather pants” is Ross on Friends or Catwoman’s outfit, think again. Leather pants have come a long way, they’re highly versatile, and surprisingly just as easy to wear in the fall and winter as your favorite pair of jeans. 

From tees and tailored shirts to cozy sweaters, you can wear leather pants for work, weekend, and everything in between. 

Read on for my tips on how to style leather pants, leather pants outfit ideas, and a ton of leather pant options to shop for your fall and winter wardrobe.  

How Style Leather Pants + 13 Leather Pants Outfits for Fall and Winter
How Style Leather Pants for fall and winter
Leather Pants Outfit for fall and winter

How to Style Leather Pants

Decide Between Real or Faux Leather

When it comes to styling your pair of leather pants, you first need to decide which type of leather you prefer – real or faux. 

Real leather is made from the tanned skin of animals, usually cows. Although real leather is highly durable and will last for years (just like your favorite leather jacket), it comes at a higher price point. 

If real leather isn’t your thing or isn’t in your budget, you can always opt for faux leather pants. Faux leather is usually made from polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC. 

Over the years, faux leather has become much better and “real” looking. It’s no longer just cheap fabric used for Halloween costumes; faux leather pants have really come a long way, and even higher-end contemporary brands are embracing the material. 

Try a Modern Fit

Chances are you probably have some faux leather leggings in your closet. And although there is a time and place for those, embrace the newer fashion trend of a straight or wide leg fit.

Mind Proportions

If you want to wear leather leggings, an easy way to make them feel on-trend is to really think about proportions and lengths. 

Balance your leggings with something bulky or loose. This could be a puffer jacket, a shirt jacket, or even an oversized denim jacket. The modern way to wear these pieces is to make sure they are longer and hit below your hip, about mid-quad.

The same goes for your footwear. Balance the slim fit of your leather leggings with a chunky combat boot or lug sole boot.

Black is Classic

Black leather pants are probably the most popular and therefore the most common leather pants you’ll find out there. If you’re new to leather pants and looking to try the look, then you can’t go wrong with a classic black pair in a straight cut. 

A Blazer is Always a Good Idea

If you’re looking to elevate your leather pants outfit, add a blazer. The leather pant and blazer combo works for the office, but you can always wear this pairing with a slinky silk top for dinner or on the weekend with some sneakers and a graphic tee.

You Can Wear Leather Pants 7 Days A Week

And by that, I mean, don’t think that leather pants are only for when you want to dress up. There are a ton of great casual outfits that involve leather pants.

Leather Pants Outfits

Blazer + Leather Pants 

If you’re not sure where to start with your leather pants outfit, reach for closet staples you probably already own: a white tee and a blazer. Worn with slim fit or wide leg leather pants, this classic outfit combo works for the office, a nice lunch, a business meeting, and even dinner.

If you want to be a little more workplace friendly, a white button down shirt. There are no rules with your blazer. It can be plain, plaid, printed, or anything in between.

Click here for more plaid blazer fall outfits.

Graphic Tee + Leather Pants 

I love the edgy, effortless look of a graphic tee and leather pants. Try loafers, heeled boots, or sneakers.

Leather on Leather

Leather is having a huge moment this fall. (Although in my opinion, it never really went anywhere.) So, lean into it and embrace leather on leather. It’s the modern, luxe version of the Canadian tuxedo.

Long Coats and Leather Leggings

An easy way to update your leather leggings outfit is to wear a long, oversized coat. The proportions of a big coat balance out the tightness of the leggings. This is an easy look for those days when you want to be chic, but also comfortable. Pair with a combat boot or lug sole boot. (These are my favorite lug sole boots; I own them in two colors.)

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