Holiday Gifts Under $50

Gifts under $50 – let’s talk about them. These gifts are for when you have a little extra dough to spend but still not in the market to break the bank.

Whenever I think about gifting, particularly when it comes to higher price points, I like to buy things for others that maybe they wouldn’t buy themselves. It’s fun to splurge on a friend or family member to get them something deluxe or unique, particularly when you know they’d never shell out the money on their own.

I recently upgraded my shower cap to a new one from Shhhowercap. The name is a pain to spell, but the caps are so cute and do an excellent job and keeping your head completely dry. Long story short, they revamped the design of traditional caps, made them stylish, and added chic prints. And the best part is the cap does actually work at keeping out water. As someone who is a fan of second and third day hair, I use my cap a lot. Who can say no to a leopard print shower cap? The answer is nobody.

Holiday Gifts Under $50 | Charmed by Camille

Another splurgeworthy-but-won’t-break-the-bank item is this silk sleep mask by Slip. Treat your BFF to this sleeping mask that blocks out light, but also has beauty benefits. The special silk fabric reduces friction against the skin to protect from fine lines while sleeping, and since the fabric is less absorbent than others, face creams and serums will stay in place to to their work. Talk about elevating beauty sleep! (I also won’t judge you if after reading this you get one for yourself, too.)

These tea drops are quirky and different, and make a unique gift. I’m not a coffee drinker, so really love this idea. Organic tea leaves are pressed into different shapes then dissolve into your cup. There are 5 different flavors and shapes, all held in a wooden box for easy storage and wrapping. Bonus: add this monogram mug or stacking tea for two set into the mix to complete the gift.

For your friend who is home decor obsessed, give them this match striker. Glass and brass matches most decor, and it makes for a decorative piece that doubles as a stylish place to hold matches (and light them).





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