Holiday Gifts for Him

I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget about the men out there, so made this special page of holiday gift for him. Some men are easy to shop for, but others, not so much.

To get a male POV I enlisted Matt to help me decide what I should put on here. The process went like this: Camille picks out items then goes through one by one. “Hey Matt, do you like this?” Matt answers yes or no. Repeat.

All of these are Matt approved, but here are some special ones to note.

This simple, to-the-point shower duo from Baxter of California contains shampoo and body wash for no frills grooming. So easy, a caveman can do it. đŸ™‚

Matt always insists that he doesn’t need a neck pillow or eye mask when traveling, but somehow he always ends up “borrowing” mine for trips. This Herschel Supply Co. in-flight kit features the essentials: a pillow, slippers, an eye mask, and ear plugs. I also really like this brown and black duffel from the same brand. It’s minimal and clean styling is perfect for guys, and it’s a great price for $80.

I like this wooden catchall to hold keys, toothpicks and loose change. The wood is great for an entry table or a desk, and you can monogram it for personalized touch.

This shoe shine set feels a little more luxe than your regular tin cans that you can pick up from Target. Store polishes and brushes in the complementing box.

Every year Matt gets a new pair of Ugg slippers and then likes to remind everyone that “Tom Brady wears Uggs.” So just in case you signifiant other, dad, or in-law says something, apparently you can remind them about TB.



UNDER $100