Holiday Gifts for Him

Let’s be honest, women get more excited about holiday gifting than men do. So, the majority of my gift guide revolves around the ladies. Having said that, I don’t want to forget about the dudes out there.

This year I enlisted the help of my husband Matt, to pick out what “guys would like.” Here are his top picks.

A modern briefcase like this leather one. Matt has a similar version and always gets compliments on it. He also kindly reminded me that it may be time for him to get a new one. 

Matt’s not a fan of carrying anything bulky in his pockets, so I’m often left with lugging the keys in my purse. Thankfully, he has a slim card case like this one and so he keeps that in his pocket (plus, I may him pay of everything) 🙂 

Okay, this is actually my pick but I purchased a longer version of this shoehorn for Matt last year after months of cringing every time he tried to put on shoes. A word to the wise for non-believers of the shoe horn: Matt’s shoes have lasted longer. You’re welcome.

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