Easy Charcuterie Cups for Your Next Party

Want to take your charcuterie game to the next level? These individual charcuterie cups are easy to make and work for any kind of get-together, from showers and game day celebrations to holiday parties and beyond.

At any dinner party, you can always find me by the cheese. I live for a good charcuterie board, but one thing I don’t love is trying to dig into a beautiful, fully loaded spread to try and pile everything onto my small, unbalanced appetizer plate. Enter these individual charcuterie cups. Small but mighty, these portable cups hold a ton of food, and they’re easy to carry around during a party.

Easy Charcuterie Cups
Portable party food cups
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Charcuterie Cups

You can easily customize your charcuterie cups with meats, cheeses, fruit, nuts, and lots of other tiny food objects. I found all the food ingredients for my cups at my local Trader Joe’s, then ordered the charcuterie paper cups and food picks from Amazon. I used two different food picks for these cups: traditional bamboo picks, then shorter picks with a cute gold ball at the end to add some height variance and style.

These cups take minutes to assemble, and work for any party.



A traditional charcuterie board always includes cured meats, so be sure to add some to your cups. Some ideas include salami, pepperoni, and prosciutto.

Cheese Options

When choosing cheese for your individual charcuterie cups, look for non-crumbly cheese that won’t ooze or crumble all over the place. Some of my personal favorites for this include cheddar, gouda, asiago, and Manchego. You can also include some softer cheese options like brie or mozzarella. For my cups, I made a little caprese food pick with a couple cherry tomatoes and small mozzarella balls.


The key to a great cheese board is to balance the savory flavors with some sweet items like fruit. Grab dried items like apricots or cranberries, or use fresh blackberries, raspberries, or strawberries.


Be sure to add in a few crackers with your charcuterie cups. I like to put extra crackers out in case my guests want more, but some thin water crackers or cheese twists add a nice crunch to your cup’s assortment.


You can really put anything in your individual charcuterie cups! The only real “rule” here is to keep things tiny and bite-size. Nuts, olives, mini pickles, baby carrots, and even mini chocolates would all work. I always love mixing salty and sweet, so I added a single chocolate-covered pretzel as a “dessert” to finish off my cups.

Party Charcuterie Cups

How to Make Individual Charcuterie Cups

Prep Your Ingredients

Instead of building each cup one by one, I find it a lot easier to prep and lay out everything first, like slicing any cheese or stacking things onto picks. Then you can easily take the items and place them one-by-one into the cups. 

Think About Presentation

There’s a great art in assembling a beautiful charcuterie board, so I like to carry that into these individual cups. 

When assembling your ingredients, think about how they’ll look in that cute little cup. For meats, consider folding your and stacking multiple slices onto a single pick, or rolling a slice and sneaking it into an open gap.

I love using food picks to stack items that can be eaten together in one or two bites. Picks also make it easier for your guests to grab and enjoy, instead of just dumping everything into the cup. I used two different length picks in my cups to add some height difference. Shop the longer bamboo picks here and the shorter picks with the gold “pearls” here.

You can even add an herb sprig as the finishing garnish on your charcuterie cups!


Start with heavier items like nuts and fruit at the bottom of your cups, then put the more fragile things like cheese and fruit at the top.

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