What I Wore to New York Fashion Week + Tips for Packing

Wow! After what felt like an eternity in NYC, I am back home and hitting the ground running on all things fall and holiday content. As promised, here is a comprehensive shopping guide to what I wore to New York Fashion Week.

I tried to pack smarter this year by limiting shoes and bags and packing 2 outfits per day. Unless a designer is dressing you for a show, there’s really no need (in my opinion) to be stressing out over numerous outfit changes after every show.

A lot of invites for shows and events come at the last minute (I’m talking the day before sometimes!), but here are some tips and tricks on how to pack New York Fashion Week.

At the end of this post you’ll find a numbered guide and corresponding shoppable collage with what I wore to New York Fashion Week. Enjoy!

What I Packed and Wore to New York Fashion Wee | Charmed by Camille
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Roundup: End of Summer Leopard Print Dresses

Hi! Right now, I’m in the midst of tearing my entire closet apart, trying to plan for New York Fashion Week. I’m on the couch online shopping with a sore throat, so I’ll keep things short and sweet here and quickly share the details of this airy leopard dress, as well as some other leopard

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