Best of 2019 Beauty: Skin Care

Well this has been fun! For the past three weeks I’ve been sharing my top five products for 2019 in makeup, hair care, and now skin care .

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I am skin care obsessed and a total product junkie. But these 5 products below are my all-time favorites from last year.

The Polish by Lancer

I’ve talked about The Polish so much and I will probably never stop. In early 2019 I was lucky enough to receive a complimentary dermatology appointment with Dr. Lancer, aka the man behind so many clear, glowing, Hollywood faces.

He put me on a regimen with a handful of products, but my obsession truly lies with The Polish. This exfoliant has single-handedly changed the texture of my skin. When I forget to use it or travel without it, I’m reminded just how good it is.

Gentle enough to use once a day, but effective enough to make a difference, you take a pea-sized amount and rub in circles to literally polish your way to smoother, brighter skin. Don’t get sticker-shock at the price; a little goes a long way and the tube lasts forever so it’s truly worth the money. (Also, yes that is me in the video on the Sephora website. Told you I loved this!)

Babyfacial Mask by Drunk Elephant

I had never used Babyfacial and decided at the end of last year to buy the travel size on a spontaneous trip to Sephora. The real question is, how did I ever live without Babyfacial before? Okay, that’s being dramatic, but I loved how my skin felt and looked the next morning after using this product just one time. (I’ve since then obviously used it over and over.) 

A mixture of glycolic, citric, and salicylic acids creates a magical concoction that you let sit on your face for about 20 minutes before rinsing. You use it at night and then wake up with ultra-soft, ultra-smooth skin. (At least that was my result). It tingles a bit, and I suspect if you’re super sensitive you may get some redness. 

Part of the reason I actually hadn’t bought this until recently was because of the price. But since you’re only supposed to use it once a week, and you only apply a thin layer onto skin, the full-size should last you a while. I’m still on the travel size and have used it about 5 times.

Although I’m pretty new to using Babyfacial, I’m going to come out right now and say this might rank pretty high on the top of my list with Lancer’s The Polish. I also like to think of this investment as a way to stretch out a week or two in between facial appointments.

That’s Incredi-Peel Pads by Bliss

As far as what’s on this list, That’s Incredi-Peel pads are my OG skin care favorites, and what I’ve been using the longest.

I discovered Bliss back in college, and since then they’ve done some fun re-branding and actually made the brand more affordable than it was in the past. And luckily although they made products more affordable, the effectiveness of these peel pads hasn’t declined.

Like Drunk Elephant’s Babyfacial, these pads contain glycolic acid to gently but effectively smooth skin overnight. If you’re looking for an affordable at-home peel treatment, you can’t go wrong with these and year after year they’re one of my favorite skin care products. ($20 at Target for a pack of 15.)

I’ll use The Polish regularly and have incorporated using Babyfacial once a week since late November, but I’ll use these pads a couple of times a week. They are also perfect travel companions thanks to the individually wrapped wipes, and a must-have for my makeup pouch when I vacation.

Jet Lag Mask by Summer Fridays

This hydrating mask is on the list not only because of its results, but I also think it’s just pretty cool in terms of versatility. (I love a multitasking product or piece of clothing!)

You can use Jet Lag Mask like a traditional face mask: apply, let sit, then rinse off. Or, apply a super thin layer, and let in sink into your skin over time, no rinsing required. This is my favorite way to use this, particularly during the winter when my skin needs all the hydration. 

If you apply is as a super thin layer, it also acts as a primer for the skin under makeup. I mean, what the what?

This mask is great, it smells amazing, and it’s the first thing I use after I get home from the airport to reinvigorate my skin.

Wake up and Makeup Prep Sheet Masks by Skinesque

Can I just say how genius it is that someone finally decided to put a bunch of sheet masks together into one container? If you’re like me and have a sheet mask obsession, then you know how annoying (not to mention wasteful) it is to have individually wrapped masks sliding all over your drawers. Enter these space saving, morning sheet masks.

I discovered these sheet masks in October thanks to my friend Christine (who has AMAZING skin). She’s a total skin care junkie like me, so I knew these would be good! 

Skinesque is a clean Korean skin care brand and these sheet masks help cut down steps in your morning routine. Use these after cleansing and before moisturizing to replace your toner, serum, and any essence steps. (Korean skin care routines are highly extensive – 10 steps to be exact!)

What’s great about these is that they’re made for mornings. With other sheet masks you have to have 20 – 30 minutes of downtime. However, these hydrate, tone, and prime skin for moisturizers in 3 minutes. Easy peasy and quick for the morning!

The box contains a 30-day supply and a set of plastic tweezers inside to help fetch out your sheet mask. The masks are in a resealable package which is inside the outer box, so they don’t dry out.

Have you tried any of these products or brands? What are your skin care favorites?


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