Affordable Beauty Products to Try Right Now

Hi! How are you doing? Are you hanging in there okay? With everything going on, I hope you’re still finding little ways to treat yourself at home. Today’s post is all about my favorite affordable beauty products.

A big thing for me has been keeping up with my skin care routine or putting on a little bit of makeup to look refreshed. I’ve never appreciated some of my skin care products more! If you’re looking for little ways to enjoy self-care without spending a ton of money, then check out these products.

Affordable Beauty Products to Try Right Now | Charmed by Camille
Affordable Beauty Products to Try Right Now | Charmed by Camille

Bliss: Incredi-peel Pads

If you’ve been following me for a bit, then you know Bliss is my go-to brand for affordable beauty, specifically skin care. These peel pads were actually the first product I ever tried from them; I’ve been using them on and off since about 2010. The glycolic acid in them helps to resurface and smooth skin without irritation. (If you’re familiar with the peel pads from Dr. Dennis Gross, these are a more affordable, equally effective take on them.)

Bliss: Makeup Melt Makeup Remover

I keep this makeup remover under my vanity and use it for stubborn eye makeup removal prior to cleansing. Since I don’t wear a ton of heavy eye makeup, I don’t like spending a ton of money on eye makeup remover. This is gentle and gets the job done to remove liquid eyeliner, metallic eyeshadow, and heavy mascara. Instead of a liquid, this is actually more of a jelly consistency. I use a cotton pad, close my eyes, and swipe toward the outside of each eye toward my ears.

Simple: Cleansing Wipes

Okay, as much as I would like to admit that I’m perfect with my nighttime skin care routine, I am not. On really lazy days or days when I don’t wear makeup, I’ll use one of these wipes on my face. (They also work great on non-makeup days as a mid-afternoon pick me up!) These are non-scented and do not strip my skin.

The Ordinary: Hyaluronic Acid Serum

My skin tends to get pretty dehydrated, especially in the winter. If you haven’t heard me preach about hyaluronic acid, let me say it again. HA holds 1,000 times it’s weight in water, making it an amazing product to add to dry skin. I’ll mix a few drops of this hyaluronic acid serum or a facial oil into my moisturizer for an extra surge of hydration. (Sometimes when I use a lot of facial oil, my skin breaks out, so I like to rotate weeks between oil and this hyaluronic serum.)

Sephora Collection: Sheet Masks

I think Sephora Collection sheet masks are the best when it comes to price. I’ve tried a couple of different affordable sheet masks over the years, and to me, the results with these are most like the more expensive versions. Thumbs up to Sephora for creating lot of different options here: brightening, mattifying, brightening, moisturizing… the list goes on .

Jergen’s: Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer

I’ve used this moisturizer from Jergen’s on and off for years, and it always comes in handy right around springtime. You know when you wear a skirt for the first time in a while, but it hasn’t been hot enough to get some color? Enter this moisturizer for a little help in the faux glow department. (Although I use it on my arms, too!)

Method: Body Wash

I feel like body wash is a pretty underrated bathroom item, but I love this body wash from Method. They make a variety of scents, but the Simply Nourish one has coconut, rice milk, and shea butter; that’s pretty deluxe at only $7 and helps an ordinary task feel a little special.

Honest Beauty: Liquid Eyeliner

I randomly decided to give this liquid eyeliner from Honest Beauty a shot after seeing a lot of great reviews. They weren’t wrong! I love this liquid eyeliner. I have tried dozens of liquid eyeliners, even more expensive ones, only to have the black transfer onto my upper lid during the day. I put this on probably at about 9:30am and it was only until about 9pm at night where I saw any kind of “darkness” smudge onto the top of my lids… and that was looking really hard for something to be wrong with this. Safe to say, I’ll probably be wearing liquid eyeliner more often thanks to this new find! This just might be my top pick when it comes to affordable beauty products.

Honest Beauty: Tinted Lip Balm

This tinted lip balm has everything you want: it doesn’t dry your lips, it’s unscented, and it provides a subtle shine and the lightest touch of color. It’s a nice option if you want something more than a regular lip balm but can’t commit to lipstick. Best of all, it feels substantial on your lips without being sticky whatsoever. (PRO TIP: This is a great work from home mood booster because it gives your lips that little extra tint.)

Versed: Baby Cheeks All in One Hydrating Milk Toner

Versed is a new affordable beauty brand to me; they do skin care. They were kind enough to gift a handful of products, and the first thing I opted to try was their hydrating milk toner. Much like the hyaluronic acid, this works to add an extra layer of hydration to dry skin. Just a couple of pumps onto a cotton pad works before or after cleansing. I’ve been using this about 3ish weeks and so far, I like it! I figured there’s no harm in adding an extra layer of moisture to my skin!

What are you favorite affordable beauty products? I’d love to try some new ones!

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