6 Ideas to De-Stress At Home

Hi you! I hope you’re hanging in there okay. California has been in a “Safer at Home” mandate for about a week; meaning we can only really go to the grocery store, pharmacy, doctor, and take a walk. It’s been okay all things considered but there’s definitely been good and bad days. In case you need a little help in the “staying zen” department, here are 6 ideas to de-stress at home.

I’m linking a ton of self-care, de-stressing products in this post, but I’ve also created an Amazon shop with a ton of feel good items.

6 Ideas to De Stress at Home | Charmed by Camille
6 Ideas to De Stress at Home | Charmed by Camille

Take a Bath

Quarantine or not, taking a bath always helps me de-stress and get some me time. I’ve always liked to make baths feel special; here’s what I’ll do:

  • Add some Epsom salt, bubble bath, or throw in a bath bomb with essential oils (to help relieve tension physically and mentally!)
  • Light a candle or two
  • Turn on some relaxing music (Spotify has some pretty good acoustic cover stations)
  • Throw on a face mask (been loving Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask)

Even on a busy day, if I’m stressed, I’ll try to take even 10 minutes right after dinner for this. But now there’s nothing but time! Turn that water on, grab your cozy robe, and take a bath! (My favorite robe is by Barefoot Dreams; it’s pricey but so worth it and I’ve had it for years.)

Diffuse Essential Oils

Essential oils were never really a thing for me until I started working from home two years ago. I stumbled on them because I was trying to find ways to focus throughout the day.

I wrote a blog post on how to use essential oils, but long story short: different scents help with different things. (ie. productivity, calmness, etc). I’ve since become a big fan of diffusing essential oils. If you’re not sure where to start, get a lavender oil to help de-stress right before bed – it’s super calming! 

My absolute favorite essential oils are by Saje, but if you’re in a pinch and want to buy a diffuser and oils ASAP, Amazon has a pretty large selection of both.

6 Ideas to De Stress at Home | Charmed by Camille

Do Your Full Skin Care Routine

There’s no time like the present to work on your complexion, right? Just like a bath, you now have time to layer, layer, layer on all of those serums you usually rush through, if at all.

I’ve made a conscious effort do my skin care routine morning and night, and my skin is looking better than ever! I’ve also skipped makeup the past 9 days, which I’m sure is also a positive contributor to better-looking skin.

I recently shared my morning and nigh time skin care routine on Instagram, but you can also watch the videos here.

Work Out

Sure, maybe you can’t get to your gym or favorite workout class, but you can still move your body. I don’t have to tell you that working out releases endorphins, aka hormones that de-stress your body.

  • Get up every hour and take a few laps around your apartment or house
  • Have a dance party for some cardio
  • You don’t need equipment – pushups, jumping jacks, crunches, and squats require nothing
  • If you can, take a quick walk around your neighborhood – just keep your 6 feet distance from your neighbor – Matt and I will literally go to the other side of the street when we see someone just so we can move our bodies and get fresh air

Sure, these workouts might not be your best, hardest, or heaviest, but even low impact movement for 30 days will do your min wonders. (I like to set the tone of my day by working out in the morning; read more of my productivity tips here.)

If you want some at-home equipment to change things up, here are a few options:

Give Yourself a Mani Pedi

As I’ve gotten older, I have become very diligent about getting monthly manicures and pedicures. And while yes, my nails look nice after my salon appointments, it’s also a guaranteed hour I can have to myself. And compared to other spa day rituals like facials and messages, it’s also much less expensive. In short, a mani pedi appointment gives me a monthly feeling of “treating myself” without breaking the bank. The bonus is that I feel put together with a fresh set of nails or toes.  

If you’re feeling blah or lacking motivation to do your hair, get dressed, etc (me too, girl!) then that’s okay. Put on a chick flick, pick your favorite shade of polish, and paint your nails. I promise it’ll give you just a little sense of feeling “put together” again while helping you de-stress. 

FaceTime Friends and Family

Even if you’re under the same roof as someone else, this time period can be lonely and therefore, stressful. We as humans require interaction with others, and something as easy as FaceTiming someone you haven’t seen in a couple of weeks can bring a sense of normalcy. There’s nothing better than seeing the faces of those you care about – and a smile from these people can do wonders on making you feel all better inside!

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