6 Cashmere Sweatpants Sets to Upgrade Your Loungewear Game

I have a confession. I wear sweatpants about 80% of my life. Since I work from home, the last thing I want to do is waste a good outfit. However, there have been times where I’ll have to go out and run a quick errand or two only to look preeeetty dumpy and truthfully, kind of embarrassed. How can I love clothes so much and manage to look like *this* most of my days?

At the end of last year, I decided to pull the trigger on cashmere sweatpants and a matching top. I’m here to tell you both are worth the investment.

Best Cashmere Sweatpants Sets | Charmed by Camille
Jackson Hole | Charmed by Camille
Best Cashmere Sweatpants Sets | Charmed by Camille

Cashmere loungewear pieces instantly add a bit of luxury to your lazy-day uniform that old sweatpants and that college sweatshirt just can’t provide. Yes, it’s time to finally ditch those old things. New year, new you, right? 🙃

Cashmere pieces are soft, cozy, and so comfortable. The best part is they’re also highly stylish when bought as a set, so you won’t feel embarrassed leaving your house in them. TRUST ME.

I purchased this blush pink sweater and the matching cashmere sweatpants from Naked Cashmere last year after contemplating this purchase for years. Cashmere is an investment, but when properly laundered (dry cleaned) your pieces can last a very long time. I can’t tell you how many times I’d find myself saying, “I wish I had a nice matching lounge set.”

If this is you, then just pull the trigger already. 

After I these arrived, I was so quick to toss all of my mismatched stuff in my lounge drawer. I didn’t even miss any of my old things after wearing this set a few times. 

Another bonus? If you travel a lot (or just want to be comfy and chic on the plane), a cashmere lounge set also makes a great, stylish travel outfit. I wore this set to Park City, to Jackson Hole, and to London. Plus, the sweater can double as a top for another day, if needed. 

I found a cute gray set at Nordstrom currently on sale (a v-neck hoodie and loose joggers) where both pieces ring in at under $200 each. But I’m also linking my cashmere set and a few other sets below.


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