My 2 Proudest Blogger Moments of 2017

Happy almost 2018 everyone! Sequins and fur are the name of the game for this post. However, I feel like I kind of saved the best for last – not just when it comes to my outfit.

In November I wrote an open letter to myself because I think it’s really important that each of us take the time to celebrate our successes, no matter how insignificant, or huge, they are. I am not going to lie, I have gone back to that letter a couple of times this month when I’ve needed a little reminder that even when I’m really overwhelmed, I’m doing okay.

This post is sort of along those lines – so if you’re here just for the outfit then I suggest you skip the middle and go to the end to shop the look.

I am not really one for making New Year’s resolutions because I kind of think everyone gets set up for failure with them. Resolutions seem to be about what you didn’t do the year prior and how you’re going to be better the next. Instead, I like to look back on proud moments from the past 12 months, because like I mentioned in my open letter to myself, we as humans don’t do this enough.

SHOP THE LOOK – 1.STATE Sequin Tank (under $100) | Lovers + Friends Leggings | H&M Fur Jacket (almost identical jacket here – under $100) | Alexandre Birman Sandals | Chanel Bag

I wanted this edition of Friday Faves to be my proudest moment but the truth is I couldn’t decide. Here are my 2 proudest moments as a blogger in 2017 and why:

Being on the September cover of Redbook: This one takes the cake, and it will probably be one of my proudest moments ever. In case you missed it, you can see my behind-the-scenes post and the images from the magazine here. For my full-time job, I do branding and create a lot of assets used in-store and on social media for a skin care company, so I am always creating stories and directing photo shoots. Prior to working at my current company, I worked in the denim industry and a big part of my job was to style different looks for email. So, while being on set is and has been a big part of the majority of the jobs I’ve had and a part of my work life, this was different. This time I finally got to finally be on the other side of the camera. It felt like after all these years of working really hard on my own photo shoots; I finally got to enjoy it in the best way possible – being the actual “talent.”

My first New York Fashion Week: By now it’s not a surprise to anyone that I am always in NYC and I never get sick of it. That city makes me feel alive in a way my mother will never understand (Hi, mom!). Before I even knew what blogging was or ever considered starting Charmed by Camille, I wanted to go to New York Fashion Week. Perhaps it’s more accessible now, but in college it was this exclusive, beyond chic thing that only really important people got to go to. Or at least to me it seemed that way. If I ever got to go, I thought, it was always going to be because of a job. I never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would go on my own account, for myself. While I got to one show too late and it was over capacity, I did manage to get an actual seat for my first show ever. And even if it was in the back row, it was pretty cool to think that someone thought I deserved an actual seat over standing room. It was a great way to start that trip. I also got snapped and picked up on Man Repeller (slide 402) wearing a green Zara dress that I had stalked for weeks until it came back online. Even before I arrived to NYC, it was my favorite outfit I had packed, and what I felt most comfortable in. Getting photographed in that dress was validation to trust myself in this blog’s journey. It may be cliché, but the phrase, “you do you” cannot be truer in a time when everyone is trying to get more followers on their Instagram page.

Okay, now onto the outfit (since this is a fashion blog, after all). This may be my favorite outfit of the year, just because it’s SO fun. I mean, sparkle on sparkle? How can you not have fun with that? Believe it or not, these sequin leggings are actually beyond comfortable. I was worried about them but the fabric under the sequins is actually a very stretchy material and there’s a zipper up the side to get them on easily. Side note: I learned this the hard way when it took me a solid 5 minutes to get them on, not knowing about the zipper until it… ripped. Luckily, I was able to work some ninja magic before this shoot and got the zipper working again. This sequin tank is only $89 and so cute with black/nude coloring. Even if you don’t want to try double sparkle, this top is perfect for date night!

This exact faux fur jacket is from H&M and old, but they made almost the exact style again in an updated version here (and only $99). It’s one of my favorite jackets and I’ve rarely been able to wear it because of our perpetual heat wave this fall/winter, so I embraced this day and this outfit. Here’s to more sparkle-filled days in 2018!




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  1. 12.29.17
    Matt Carter said:

    Proud of you! I think 2018 will be even better!

    • 12.29.17
      Camille said:

      I think so too!!!

  2. 12.29.17
    Nikki said:

    You are an inspiration babe! Keep doing what you do.


    • 12.29.17
      Camille said:

      Thank you always for your kind comments! Excited for 2018!

  3. 12.30.17
    Helen said:

    You certainly inspire me! Love you!

    • 12.30.17
      Camille said:

      Love you too, mom! Thanks for being my number one reader 🙂