My 5 Minute Everyday Makeup Routine

Delivering on some 2018 blog promises today! If you missed my last post, it was all about new content for the year and how a big part of that was the hope to incorporate more beauty into my posts in between all of the fashion. I am a huge beauty addict and so I’m really excited to try more stuff this year and share all about it!

I’m also trying my hand at video content this year; I hope to get a lot better but you know what they say – practice makes perfect! Please bear with me while I navigate through the land of video.

My Everyday Makeup | Charmed by Camille

I made a quick tutorial video featuring my go-to makeup products and everything that I use on a regular basis for an everyday makeup look. I’m a big fan of the “no makeup” makeup look but the best part about this tutorial is that it’s 5 minutes long which is just about as long as it takes me IRL to put on my daily face.

To recreate my “no makeup” look – shop everything in the video at the bottom of this post. If you try it out, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram!




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