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ICYMI THE BIG NEWS: I’m now officially bi-coastal living part-time in Los Angeles and part-time in NYC.

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If you’ve been following me, you know that I love New York City, and that last year I went more times than I can count. At the end of May, Matt and I found some cheap tickets and took a last minute trip. We usually tend to plan things but since leaving my job in February I’ve been able to be a little more spontaneous than before, and Matt was able to work out of his company’s NY office. I also JUST booked another trip for July, so it seems like this year is shaping up to be like just last year with lots of trips across the country.

Every time I go to NYC I always get a ton on inspiration to mix up my closet and either create new outfits out of my existing pieces or get new, fun “city” clothes. Believe it or not, the things you can wear in LA don’t always function in NYC. Here, you can get away with wearing flip-flops, but over there you need reasonable shoes to walk around in the city. I like to carry a backpack in NYC because it holds a lot and is more durable against other people on the subway and city smog than some of my other bags. I always use a cross body in over there so I can be hands-free to do things like swipe a Metro card or carry shopping bags.

A little while ago I mentioned on Instagram that I’m always kind of conflicted when it comes to identifying my style and wrapping it up into one pretty little package. After this trip it finally occurred to me that the reason my style has a split personality is because of my ongoing love affair with New York City.

Last year I was quite literally in NYC for about half of the year. It’s a place where when I’m traveling, I always feel at home. NYC style is a lot different than LA style for the above reasons and beyond. My outfits are always better and more adventurous there because you could be going anywhere in whatever you’re wearing and nobody bats an eyelash. It’s a place where you can truly have fun with fashion. (Except the Upper East Side. Do not wear sneakers up there.) I’ve realized that over time I’ve collected basically two wardrobes in my closet – one for NYC and one for LA, and my style is a mix of somewhere in between.

Here’s what I wore on my most recent trip to NYC. Some of these items are old so I did by best to link similar products when I couldn’t locate the exact one!

What I Wore in NYC | Charmed by Camille
What I Wore in NYC | Charmed by Camille
What I Wore in NYC | Charmed by Camille

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Blue Dress | Charmed by Camille
Ruffle Blouse | Charmed by Camille
Ruffle Blouse | Charmed by Camille

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Striped Shirt | Charmed by Camille
Striped Shirt | Charmed by Camille

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Summer Denim Jacket | Charmed by Camille

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Casual Jeans Outfit | Charmed by Camille
Casual Jeans Outfit | Charmed by Camille
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