Underwood Family Farms Day Trip Recap

A few weeks ago, Matt and I decided to take a little road trip to Underwood Family Farms for some “you pick” fruits and vegetables. We’ve been taking small road trips every Saturday for a change of scenery, and Underwood Family Farms was such a fun experience that I wanted to share some more about it in today’s post.

There are two different Underwood Family Farms locations: Somis and Moorpark. The Moorpark farm is where we went, and it’s located about an hour outside of LA. This makes for a fun day trip if you want to get out of the city but don’t really want to do a whole overnight trip. It also is a great family-friendly adventure; many of the visitors picking with us had small children.

What Is a “You Pick” Farm?

Just like the name sounds, you pick the fruits and vegetables at Underwood Family Farms, and then pay by the pound for whatever you get.

There is a $5 entry fee per person. Upon exit, they then weigh all of your items and you pay to take home your bounty. Even with the $10 Matt and I spent on our entry fee, I still felt like things we much cheaper than the grocery store and even the farmer’s market. We got blackberries, 4 cartons of strawberries, radishes, lettuce, and basil for just under $20. In Los Angeles, a carton of strawberries is about $3 and blackberries are like $4. For a fun day experience and fresh produce, you got to pick yourself, this was worth it.

Visiting Underwood Family Farms

Upon entry you’ll find a sign telling your what’s ready to harvest so you know what to pick. They also include the price per pound. Nothing is that expensive, but you can always snap a photo so that you have it handy on your phone.

You can take the tractor-pulled wagon to start at the back, or walk it on your own. Here are some things I recommend while visiting Underwood Family Farms:

  • Get there early: It gets hot in the summer, and the later you go the busier it gets. We got to the farm about 30 minutes after it opened and left before lunchtime.
  • Wagons are first come, first serve: Another reason to get there early, or bring your own wagon.
  • Wear a hat and sunglasses: For the obvious reasons, but it’s important not to forget them!
  • Bring clippers if you have them: It makes it easier for getting your produce so you aren’t pulling out full roots.
  • If you go during strawberry season: this was the most popular section, so start there first!

We spent a couple of hours at Underwood Family Farms because we didn’t want to rush through everything. It was also really nice just being outside and collecting your own fruits and vegetables. I’ve always loved going to farmer’s markets so you can know where your food comes from. This took it to a whole new level, in a good way!

NOTE: We visited the farm during COVID-19. Personal bags weren’t allowed, but they provided cartons and plastic bags. Masks were required to enter and you must wear them when around others. There’s an animal center and picnic section – neither were open when we went due to the pandemic, but check their website for updates.

We hope to go back to Underwood Family Farms in a month or so when there’s a new crop of produce. This is a great place to visit multiple times a year for that reason!

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