The Best Gifts for The Home Office

When you work in a space you love that’s functional and organized, you’re more productive. Whether you’re still working from home or back at the office, these are some great gifts to stay on track and in the zone. 

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The Best Gifts for The Home Office, Stylish Office Gifts | Charmed by Camille
The Best Gifts for The Home Office, Stylish Office Gifts | Charmed by Camille


Day Designer Planner – I love this planner so much that I wrote a blog post on day planner organization tips. This planner has a timed column for appointments and then another one for your to-do list. Choose from a variety of covers and SAVE 10% WITH CODE CAMILLE10.

Essential Oils and DiffuserSaje Wellness makes the most beautiful essential oil diffusers that blend into any type of home aesthetic. I have one diffuser in almost every room in our house. Their essential oils help to relax, get energized, and even focus better (plus they make great stocking stuffers).

Blue Light Glasses – Yes, blue light glasses actually work. I used to get headaches after a long day at the computer and once I bought a pair of blue light glasses, they drastically decreased. They’re a great unisex home office gift; I have a pair, my dad has a pair, and so does Matt. Under $100!

Cord Organizer – A great solution to keeping desk areas clean. This roll up organizer is available in multiple colors and helps maintain organization while working from home or on the go. You can monogram it, too!

Monitor Riser – Most desk setups aren’t ergonomic, and the moment I bought a moniter riser I noticed a shift in better posture. USB plugs on the side are also handy to charge your phone. This is a unique but highly functional home office gift.

Monogrammed Leather Computer Sleeve – Every professional needs a sleek computer sleeve. At the end of each day, my laptop goes in its case so I can separate WFH and just home.

A Computer-Friendly Tote – They can use this tote when they want to switch up their setting from home office to local coffee shop. (Toss in the cord organizer and you’re good to go!)

Inspirational Pen Trio – With phrases like “Go for it” and “You got this,” these pens will motivate you through your day. Love these as a stocking stuffer!


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