Thanksgiving Leggings Outfit Inspo

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for two reasons. The first reason being that I love stuffing. It is one of my all-time favorite side dishes. I wish people would make it all fall and winter, not just on the big days. Seriously though, back in September I was already eating my first batch. The second reason I love Thanksgiving is because I love Christmas. But I am super adamant about not putting up anything Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving dinner is done. Once you take that last bite of turkey though, it’s open season.

Thanksgiving Leggings Outfit | Charmed by Camille

Thanksgiving Leggings Outfit | Charmed by Camille

Something Navy Sweater | Charmed by Camille

Thanksgiving Leggings Outfit | Charmed by Camille

I have gone back and forth between trying to be fashionable at Thanksgiving dinner, or just straight bumming it. And more recently, I think I have finally nailed down the perfect look. And yes, it involves leggings! Here’s my go to Thanksgiving leggings outfit when you have to be presentable at someone else’s house.

For me, comfort is king on Thanksgiving and I’m not going to wear anything that doesn’t allow me to go back for seconds or thirds. So let’s talk about the leggings in this Thanksgiving leggings outfit. I am all for wearing them and think they are totally appropriate to wear to someone else’s house IF you wear them properly. Instead of regular old plain leggings, try giving them an upgrade. You can’t really tell from these photos, but my leggings have a subtle wax-like coating to them. There are a ton of really cute coated, faux leather, moto, and velvet leggings out there. They provide a little something extra while still maintaining that comfy feel. I liked a couple of different styles below including my all-time favorite faux leather pair and a pair of velvet ones that I’m eying for myself.

If you don’t have time or don’t feel like upgrading your leggings that’s totally cool. However, you HAVE to follow what I say next.

To make leggings acceptable at a Thanksgiving table when you are a guest, you have to wear something that covers your butt. There, I said it. Otherwise, you may as well just show up in gym clothes. I feel pretty strongly about this. You can fake leggings as real pants when your cover up your butt where pockets should be, but you can’t do that when you’re top isn’t long enough.


Something Navy Sweater | Charmed by Camille

Thanksgiving Leggings Outfit | Charmed by Camille

Something Navy Sweater | Charmed by Camille

Try a long cardigan like this one from the Something Navy collection. It’s $89 and I love that it has an oversized feel (another good way to hide stuffing). I purposely sized up one size to make it longer and then added this brown belt. I like to size up when I know I’m going to belt something because you have to take into account the fabric that gets cinched. Then you can adjust and pouf the fabric over the belt as needed. The belt gives me a defined waist, some shape, and makes it look like I spent way more effort getting ready than I actually did. (By the way, this belt is also part of the Something Navy collection and comes in black, too! I love the black, but I like the contrast between the brown against the navy.)

For shoes, I added a pair of scrunchy heel boots. I found these last year on sale, but they are worth the investment. These are easier to walk in and much more low maintence than stilettos, so you can be that nice guest that helps around the kitchen without killing your feet. (These also look really cute with tights and a skirt/dress, or over skinny jeans – versatility on expensive items is key for me!) Similarly to wearing a longer top to avoid making it obvious your wearing stretchy pants, tall boots provide the same fix on the bottom. Any over the knee or tall boot helps to almost hide the legging factor. Of course if you have a cute moto detail or want to show off a texture, a simple pointed to flat like these work well, too!

Hopefully this inspires you for a comfy yet chic Thanksgiving leggings outfit! Are you more of a dress up kind of gal, or do you just stick to sweatpants?

Thanksgiving Leggings Outfit | Charmed by Camille

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  1. 11.6.18
    Maridel Soriente Dubb said:

    I actually had that belt on my Nordy wishlist for some time now. Was just iffy about the sizing. I’ll definitely be putting them in my cart now! Looks so good with the navy cardi! I may just have to loosen the belt a bit for a slouchier look coz girl, I can put down during thanksgiving

    • 11.6.18
      Camille said:

      It stretches in the back!!!! It’s genius!