How to Wear a Headband + Some Favorites

Let’s talk headbands and how to wear a headband. A headband is such an easy accessory to throw on to instantly make any outfit a bit more polished. There are so many cute headbands out there right now; I’m sharing a bunch of my favorites, along with a few ways to to wear them. 

How to Wear a Headband, Headband Hairstyles | Charmed By Camille

How to Wear a Headband

Long gone are the days when you’d pull a headband up over your ears and call it a day. Today’s headbands (and hairstyles) are much chicer.

Headbands are the greasy and bad hair day saviors! If you have a video conference and didn’t have time to do your hair, just throw on a headband and poof – instant virtual style. 

Headbands are a relatively low on the investment level when it comes to accessories because they’re cheaper than jewelry, shoes, and bags.

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How to Wear a Headband With Your Hair Down

How to Wear a Headband, Headband Hairstyles | Charmed By Camille

traditional headbands

For traditional headbands, AKA the he hard ones with the opening at the bottom – the easiest way to wear them is over your head with some hair in the front of the headband.

Instead of inserting the ends behind your ears and sliding the curved part over your forehead, place your headband on top of your head without any hair tucked behind your ears. I know that sounds crazy, but your hair will fall natural in front and behind of the headband along the sides, and you can adjust accordingly.

You can also tuck some hair behind your ears after the headband is on; it’s must more effortless and rigid than that slicked back style you used to rock.

CAMILLE’S PICK: This neutral woven headband. The texture is a nice addition, but you can’t beat the color – it goes with everything. 

How to Wear a Headband, Headband Hairstyles | Charmed By Camille

turban headbands

For a turban style, you can still wear it like a traditional headband, but it may take some extra time to pull some hairs through the front. My favorite way to wear a turban headband, though, is full-on hippie style.

Just open it and pop it over your head, with the front knot/twist/bow detail on the front of your forehead. Then I like to push it up just a smidge so there’s a bit of volume and my hair isn’t so flat. It can be tricky at first, but practice makes perfect!

CAMILLE’S PICK: A black turban headband is always a classic. 

Shop the full outfit of this look here.

How to Wear a Headband With A Bun

a sleek low bun

A sleek, slicked back low bun is always great for when you want to be a little on the fancier side with your hair.

Nobody does the slicked back low bun/headband combo better than Blair Eadie. She has perfected the perfect center part and low ballerina bun.

First, be sure to comb everything back and down in place to avoid bumps, then finish with hairspray to prevent flyaways. 

a messy bun

Alternately, you can also do a low, messy bun for a bit of a more effortless feel. I love this headband hairstyle on lazy days when you also want to look put together.

To keep the easy vibe of this look, make sure your hair isn’t pulled too tightly above the ears, then grab a few strands and let them hang in front of your headband.

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How to Wear a Headband With Braids

If you want to take your headband hairstyle up a level, try some braids with it!

Laura Leigh of Louella Reese incorporated a single French braid, then topped it off with her headband.

Similarly, you could also do pigtail French braids and if your hair is long enough, pull them into a low bun. Or if you’re really good at braiding, try a fish tail. So cute! 

More Headband Inspo

Here are a few other girls to give you a few more ideas on how to wear a headband.

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