How To | 3 Fashion Swaps to Style a Maxi Dress for Fall

Maxi dresses are great transitional pieces to have in your closet. They’re nice and airy in the summer but can also be worn when it starts to cool off. Today I’m sharing a few easy fashion swaps to take your maxi dress from summer to fall. Read on to find out!

3 Fashion Swaps to Style a Maxi Dress for Fall | Charmed by Camille

3 Fashion Swaps to Style a Maxi Dress for Fall, Leopard Print Dress| Charmed by Camille
3 Fashion Swaps to Style a Maxi Dress for Fall | Charmed by Camille
Simple Fall Maxi Dress Outfit| Charmed by Camille
What I’m Wearing: Leopard Print Maxi Dress | Black Denim Jacket (similar) | White Bag | Sunglasses

Embrace Darker Tones

Pretty pastels, florals, and bright whites are synonymous with summer. If it’s still hot where you live (like LA), you can probably still get away with these. But for most places, now is the time to look for a maxi dress or two in darker tones.

I always love warm hues like burgundy or burnt orange for fall, like my maxi dress here. For floral print, simply look for patterns on darker backgrounds. Since it’s not super cold yet, there’s no need to worry about heavier material. The bonus a lightweight maxi dress in a darker tone is the versatility regardless of unpredictable fall weather.

SIZE NOTE: I usually wear a size 4 and took a 6 petite so I didn’t have to worry about hemming. I am 5’4” for reference. I’m obsessed with this dress. It’s so cute, comfy, and a modern take on animal print.

Add Sneakers to Your Fall Maxi Dress

This is such an easy fashion swap to take a maxi dress into fall. As is starts to get cooler, particularly in the evening, chances are your sandals will go back on the shelf. Sneakers are easy and effortless. I always prefer crisp white sneakers simply because they go with everything, but the world is your oyster!

I bought these Chanel sneakers way back in March after getting a big client for K+C Collective, but these more affordable Veja sneakers are my favorites when I’m on the go. (Seen in this post and this post.)

Throw on a Layer to Complete the Look

One of my favorite things about fall is layering, so throw on a jacket to finish your look. This black denim jacket isn’t too heavy (similar here), and when we’re in the thick of fall I’ll probably switch to a leather jacket. (This leather jacket is gorgeous and you’ll have it forever.)

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