7 Classic Fall Jackets and Coats for Your Closet

Despite the fact that I live part-time in Los Angeles, a place that stays in the 80s through November, I have an unhealthy collection of fall jackets. In my defense, I also live in NYC a big chunk of the year, and I love cool fall days, so I’ll take any excuse to wear a cute fall jacket. Although I love leaning into a fall fashion trend or two each year, I generally prefer timeless outerwear pieces I wear over and over again.

Classic Fall Jackets and Coats

Outerwear tends to be on the pricier side, even with more affordable brands, which is a major reason why I prefer to invest in classic fall coats and jackets instead of trendier ones. You can wear them every year instead of just for a single season. There are endless options of outerwear for fall, but classic styles are also the most versatile, allowing you to layer with many items and outfits in your closet.

I’ve started to invest in nicer fabrics and timeless silhouettes these past few years, and a quality jacket in a timeless style can really elevate even the simplest fall outfit.

If you’re looking to create a classic fall wardrobe, consider adding one or more of these jackets to your collection. 

7 Classic Fall Jackets and Coats

Leather Jacket

Whenever I feel like I have nothing to wear in the fall, I grab jeans, a t-shirt, and a leather moto jacket. A leather jacket instantly adds a little edge to any look, with little to no extra effort. 

You can find leather jackets in many colors, but my personal favorite is the classic black. If real leather isn’t your thing (or in your budget), you can always opt for a faux leather option.


Blazers are great fall outerwear staples because they work for both the casual weekend and for the office. I love menswear-inspired pieces, and blazers are some of my favorite layering pieces for fall. Specific blazer colors will come in and out of style, but you can’t go wrong with a black, tan, or neutral one. 

Wear your blazer over slim trousers, wide leg pants, a silky slip dress, and of course, with jeans.  If you live in a cooler climate, look for wool blazer, which will keep you warmer than cotton ones.

See more blazer outfit ideas here.


For casual days, a shacket, or shirt jacket, is the perfect topper. 

A shacket provides the appearance of a button-down shirt, with the heft and warmth of a jacket. 

Most shackets are made from wool or flannel, but you can also find them in leather, denim, shearling, and other fabrics. 

Quilted Jacket

Quilted jackets have always been around, but over the past few years they’ve made a resurgence as a fall staple. Of all the fall coats and jacket in this post, this is probably the trendiest style. However, I still consider this a classic. Quilted jackets are water resistant and usually packable, making them ideal outerwear options for a fall getaway.

Trench Coat

Trench coats are great for moderate fall days or if you live in a warmer climate. Also water resistant, a trench coat is a great piece to have on hand for unpredictable rainy weather in the fall and spring.

Personally, I prefer the most classic trench coat of all: the long khaki version.

Wool Coat

You can’t get more classic than a wool coat. This highly versatile outerwear piece will keep you looking polished regardless of what you have on under it. Seriously though, I’ve worn a wool coat over a sweat suit, and somehow, I looked put together.

Wool coats not only work during the day, but they’re also THE outerwear for nighttime over a more formal outfit or party dress. 

If you don’t already own a wool coat, I recommend picking up a black one and tan one first. However, wool coats also look fabulous in gray, brown, burgundy, and even dark green. 

Teddy Coat

I love throwing on a snuggly teddy coat with a sweater, some jeans, and boots. It’s a great topper and outer layer for those casual days when you want to be warm and comfortable.


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