Beauty Products I Tried and Liked in April

I receive lots of mail as a blogger. Lots as in, the guy at my local UPS has my boxes waiting at the counter for me by the time I lock my car and open their door.

I’m constantly trying new things (that I don’t always share). Honestly, sometimes it’s just too overwhelming to un-box every single thing and show you every single thing.

In this month’s post, I’m sharing standout recently gifted beauty products I tried and like in April.

Let’s dive in!


Bed Head Hair Smoother

You may have seen my partnership on Instagram with Bed Head styling tools. Although I waspaid for that campaign, I just want to take a quick second to take that I do actually REALLY like this Hair Smoother. (Side note: Please know that in general, I only take on campaigns with brands and products I truly believe in or like.)

As a girl who likes to go as long as possible between washes, this heat up curling brush truly does eliminate frizz, diminish hair-tie creases, and add body to limp hair.

I have a tendency to lean toward more prestige products and fashion; I’ll be the first to admit I have expensive taste. But it’s really gratifying for me to be able to find products that work well – not just in the literal form, but also for a budget.

This curling brush is only $30 and I’ve been running it through my dirty, unwashed hair for about 2.5 weeks now. It takes a little practice to get used to using it, but here are my favorite features:

  • You don’t have to worry about burning your fingers because he “bristles” are cool to the touch
  • The oval shape adds natural body to hair versus repetitive curls of a traditional curling iron
  • You can use this like a real brush to untangle slept in hair

UNITE 7 Second Detangler

Which brings me to my next item on today’s list: Unite 7 Seconds Detangler. Unite has been my go-to brand for purple shampoo for years, and last year they started sending me a few other items from their line, that in full transparency, I had no clue even existed!

Just recently I got my hands on this cult favorite, which is a detangler but also serves as leave in conditioner. A little goes a long way with any of their products, which I love; you only need about 5 sprays. Apply after towel drying your hair post-shower, then leave in and style as you normally would.

Don’t be fooled by a plain bottle, this stuff works. It makes brushing hair easier, and I have a tonof hair. The result is hydrated, shinier locks that no longer take a beating from dragging a brush through your mane.

Davines The Circle Chronicles Mask Collection

Although I already have a handful of hair masks, I was so intrigued by Davines’ “The Circle Chronicles” collection, I needed to see them for myself.

Instead of one tub of product, these multi-use packets target specific hair concerns, almost like skin care. You can use a different mask depending on the day, but here’s how these masks blew my mind:

You can you multiple masks on different parts of your hair all in the same sitting. I repeat. You can you multiple masks on different parts of your hair all in the same sitting.

My friends at Davines sent me the coolest little graphic with tips and tricks on how to multi-mask on hair. Here’s my favorite combo:

  • Use The Wake-Up Circle on your scalp. Purple clay helps draw out impurities while adding volume.
  • Use The Quick Fix Circle on the main part of your hair. This multi-tasking mask hydrates, similar to other traditional versions.
  • Use The Renaissance Circle on the ends. Yellow clay re-compacts your hair’s structure, making ends stronger. 

These masks will only set you back $10 per pouch, and you can use them more than one time. The packet format also makes these really easy travel companions. Say bye-bye to trying to scoop a handful of goop into a travel jar and maintain hair health even when you’re not home.


NARS recently released their summer collection and per usual, the shades are gorgeous.

The Summer Lights Face Palette is my favorite from this collection. I’m a sucker for anything that can turn me into a bronze goddess, but I love that the shades are buildable, so you can wear them day or night.

Palettes are also such an easy way to travel with makeup, because you know everything will match and they help you pack lighter. Plus hello, summer vacation with a tan and these glowy shades? Yes please.

I’ve always gravitated to nude lipsticks, but generally they’ve always been on the pink side of the spectrum. The one I’m wearing here is NARS’ Matte Lip Pencil in Good Times. It’s a true beige nude that leans a little warm (almost brown) and a nice change up from my other colors. I got a lot of compliments when I posted this look on Instagram Stories and I think it’s a shade that’ll look great on any skin tone. FYI, the shade in the shoppable carousel is incorrect, but you can click it and pick the color on the site.


One of my all-time favorite nighttime treatments is Sunday Riley’s Good Genes. Whenever I use it, I always wake up with improved skin texture and smoother skin.

Vitamin C has been a buzz-worthy ingredient because of its all around anti-aging benefits, but it also protects against pollution (another factor that ages your skin). So when I received CEO Glow facial oil – a new product in their CEO line – I opened it up right away.

Turmeric helps to calm the skin and decrease redness, but it does have a distinct smell. If you have a sensitive nose this might not be for you, but I think it smells lovely.

I like to apply a few drops into my moisturizer at night to really lock in hydration while I sleep. I haven’t noticed an immediate difference in my skin like I usually do with Good Genes, but as someone who lives in a big city I like the comfort of knowing that my skin has a pollution barrier. 


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